Messrs J. Lancaster & Co – Brick

Messrs J. Lancaster & Co – Brick

Messrs J. Lancaster & Co Brick.
This Brick was the modern design of the two known examples produced by the Company.
Messrs John Lancaster & Co, Colliery owners originally at Blaina and later Roseheyworth, Cwmtillery and Six Bells. The company opened their own Brickworks at Blaina in 1892. There are two known different design bricks produced by the company both Red coloured.

Abertillery and District Brickworks and Brick makers.
Mr James B. King, Abertillery, Cwmtillery. Mr King was also a Coalmine Level owner at Abertillery in the 1850s. Mr James B King featured in the 1859 Copes Directory. There are no known examples of his bricks to exist.

Mr E. G. Smith & Co, Abertillery.

Mr Joseph Wallace, Woodland Brickworks, Cwmtillery. Mr Wallace was the General Manager of the Cwmtillery Colliery in the 1870s and opened his own Brickworks at Cwmtillery.

Mr Arthur Tilney, Abertillery, Cwmtillery. Mr Tilney purchased the old Wallace Brick Kilns at the Woodland Brickworks, Cwmtillery. He produced Red coloured bricks.

Powell’s Tillery Brickworks, Castle Street, Abertillery. The Penybont, Gray and Vivian Colliery owners Messrs Powell’s opened their own Brickworks in the grounds of the Vivian Colliery on Castle Street, Abertillery. They produced Red and Yellow coloured bricks and they were used to construct many buildings in Abertillery including the Powell’s Tillery Institute on Division Street, Abertillery.

Messrs Weaver & Sons, Cwmnantygroes, Six Bells.

Messrs Stone & Co, Blaina. Colliery owners at Blaina, there are known examples of their bricks in existence.

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