Millendreath Miners Holiday Village

Millendreath Miners Holiday Village

Millendreath Holiday Village.
This booklet was published in January 1965 to advertise the proposed Millendreath Miners Holiday Village that was intended to be constructed in a small valley two miles east of Looe in Cornwall.

It is a 16 page booklet, size 7″ x 5″ inches, full of information and photographs of the village and it states the following –

A Description of the Holiday Village.
Between these covers you will find photographs of Millendreath, a little village about two miles east of Looe, where it is intended to develop a Holiday Village for men employed in the mining industry and their families.

It is comprised of fifty acres of land and the freehold of the foreshore. But let it not be thought that the foreshore will be retained for the private use of our members. To do this it would be to cut right across our traditions and beliefs with regard to the use of natural amenities.

On site at present are a number of houses, a small clubhouse, a shop and café. It is intended to use these limited facilities during the course of 1965 and probably about twenty families a fortnight will be accommodated. They will be housed in good quality flats of two or three bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms and they will be offered the choice of cooking their own or eating in the restaurant.

Membership of the club will be compulsory so as to ensure that there is no infringement of the law.

This is the last opportunity members will have of seeing the place as it is – undeveloped, for soon it is hoped, outline planning permission will have been granted for a bold scheme of development. This will involve the establishment of an entertainment, reception and restaurant centre, boating and horse-riding facilities, the building of what would virtually be a settlement on a hillside to house our members and their families in self-contained flatlets, the provision of amusements, paddling pools and other facilities for children and the creation of bowling greens for those who prefer less strenuous pleasures.

The Cost of the Scheme.
All this takes time but a start has to be made and in all probability models and pictures of the finished Holiday Village will be available on site during the course of next season. In five years time most of the scheme will be completed and the probable cost will be in the region of £500,000. It is a bold venture and if it is to succeed then the full support of the membership is required.

Mr W. Whitehead (President); Mr Glyn Williams (Vice-President) and Mr D. Francis (General Secretary): Dated January 1965.

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