Mr G. A. Moxley – Gents Outfitters Abertillery

Mr G. A. Moxley – Gents Outfitters Abertillery

Mr G. A. Moxley – Gents Outfitters Abertillery.
Mr George Alfred Moxley was born in 1887 at Blaina, Monmouthshire. His parents were Mr John Moxley a coal miner born in 1844 at Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland and Mrs Mary Elizabeth Moxley nee Parfitt born in 1846 at Clutton, Somerset. The family originally lived at Abertillery Road, Blaina before relocating to Abertillery.

On the 1891 census Mr and Mrs John and Mary Elizabeth Moxley lived at Abertillery Road, Blaina and the family were as follows – Sons Richard Moxley born 1870. David Moxley born 1872. Tom Moxley born 1877. John Moxley born 1880. William Moxley born 1884. George Alfred Moxley born 1887 and Leonard Moxley born 1889. Daughters Miss Sarah Moxley born 1874. Miss Hannah Moxley born 1882.

On the 1901 census Mr and Mrs John and Mary Elizabeth Moxley lived at 85 Princess Street, Abertillery.

On the 1911 census the family had moved to 95 Princess Street where Mr John Moxley, at this time was a coal miner. Their sons, Mr David Moxley was an insurance agent, Mr George Alfred Moxley was a gentlemen’s mercer and Mr Leonard Moxley was also at this time a gentlemen’s mercer. At the premises on Princess Street was a servant girl Miss Edith Hawkins born 1894 at Abertillery. A mercer was one who traded in thick fabrics, tweeds and cloth.

Mr G. A. Moxley’s First Premises.
In 1908 one of Mr G. A. Moxley’s first advertisements stated Mr Moxley as being a men’s wear specialist and gents mercery, his first shop was located at 40 Church Street, Abertillery, opposite the Rolling Mill public house.

Mr G. A. Moxley’s Second Premises.
On Thursday 21st July 1910 Mr G. A. Moxley moved his premises to a shop opposite St Michael’s Church, the shop (as seen in the main featured image above) was listed as being 1 Church Street, Abertillery.

Ladies Wear.
There is a misconception that Mr G. A. Moxley was a men’s wear specialist only,¬† though in 1910 (as seen in the advertisement right) Mr Moxley stocked ladies wear. He traded such goods for a while until he reverted back to gents wear only.

Miss J. E. Straker.
In October 1918 Mr George Alfred Moxley married Miss Joyce Emily Straker of Abergavenny. Miss Straker was the daughter of Mr Edgar Capel Straker a printer and stationer of the Abergavenny Chronicle Newspaper living at 26 Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. Upon the death of her father, Mrs J. E. Moxley became a co-director of the Abergavenny Chronicle. (More below).

Ash Vale House Rose Heyworth Road.
Mr and Mrs G. A. Moxley ran the gents mercery shop at Abertillery and lived at Ash Vale, Rose Heyworth Road, Abertillery.

The Death of Mrs Joyce Emily Moxley.
In August 1969 Mrs Joyce Emily Moxley passed away.

The Death of Mr George Alfred Moxley.
In August 1973 Mr George Alfred Moxley passed away.


Notes of Interest – The Abergavenny Chronicle

In 1864 Mr Edwin Morgan launched the ill-fated Abergavenny Gazette which was printed at Nevill Street, Abergavenny. The Gazette venture collapsed after just a few issues though in 1871 Mr Morgan began publishing the Abergavenny Chronicle and General Record of the Agricultural and Mining Districts, the paper cost 1d. and its editor was Mr W. M. J. Scanlon.

After much success with the Abergavenny Chronicle Mr Morgan moved into larger premises at Frogmore Street, Abergavenny and later at the turn of the century Mr Scanlon was succeeded by Mr George Harris. Upon the death of Mr Edwin Morgan the management of the paper was taken over by his son-in-law Mr Edgar Capel Straker, who ran it until his death in 1939. At this time his role was taken over by his son, Mr Stanley Morgan Straker, who ran the business with his three sisters – Miss Derrie Straker, Mrs Joyce Emily Moxley and Mrs J. S. James as co-directors.
(Taken from the Abergavenny Chronicle Newspaper)

Mr Leonard Moxley.
In October 1930 it was reported that Mr George Alfred Moxley’s sister-in-law Mrs Sarah Lena Moxley the wife of Mr Leonard Moxley had passed away at their home in Newbridge, it was stated that they had once owned a dairy at Somerset Street, Abertillery.

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