Mr G. H. Handy – Tobacconist and Newsagent

Mr G. H. Handy – Tobacconist and Newsagent

Mr G. H. Handy – Tobacconist and Newsagent.
In 1900 Mr G. H. Handy opened a tobacconist and newsagents and fancy dealer shop at 25 & 26 Church Street Abertillery, opposite where Pritchard’s Chemist is today. The early advertisements showed they were also stationers. Mr George H. Handy was a coal miner and Mrs Mary Ann Handy was the shop proprietor.

Mr George Henry Handy.
Mr George Henry Handy, born 1771 at Abertillery and his wife Mary Ann Handy, nee Jenkins, born 1872 at Llangynidr, Breconshire and daughter Miss Edwina Handy, born 1898 at Abertillery were living at the premises. George Henry Handy and Mary Ann married in 1897, Mr Handy was a coal miner and a trustee of the Tillery Street Methodist Church, Abertillery, his wife, Mrs Mary Ann was also a member of the same church.

Mr George Handy Senior.
Mr G. H. Handy the shop proprietor was the oldest child of Mr George Handy, a coal miner born 1849 at Eckington, Worcestershire and Mrs Elizabeth Handy nee Rogers, born 1854 at Abersychan. Mr and Mrs George Handy married in 1871 and moved to Abertillery. The family later moved into 68 Tillery Street with their children – Master George Henry Handy, born 1872. Master Charles Handy, born 1874. Miss Annie Handy, born 1877. Master Arthur Handy, born 1879. Miss Mary Handy, born 1881. Miss Jane Handy, born 1883. Master John Handy, born 1885. Master Tobias Handy, born 1890 and Miss Edwina Handy born 1891.

Mr George Handy Snr was founder of the Abertillery Co-operative branch, also the treasurer of the Tilliery Colliery Lodge, Abertillery.

In 1911 Mr George Handy Snr and his wife Elizabeth were living at 13 Cromwell Street, Abertillery with their children Mr John Handy, Mr Tobias Handy and Miss Edwina Handy.

The G. H. Handy’s Shop, Church Street.
The shop at Church Street was still under the proprietorship of Mr and Mrs George Henry Handy and later advertised as selling fire works, greetings cards, and later wallpapers and decorators materials.

In 1912 Mr G. Handy and Mr J. Handy were registered as members of the Liberal Snooker Club, Abertillery, they were both listed as Newsagents at Church Street. It is a guess but Mr J. Handy may have been Mr John Handy, the brother of the proprietor of the shop Mr George H. Handy.

The Closure of Mr G. H. Handy’s Shop.
In 1912-13 Mr George Henry Handy and his wife Mary Ann Handy moved from Abertillery and sold the shop. The family moved to Trinant and opened the Pant Shop, at that place.

Mr I. James.
In 1915 Mr I. James moved into the old Handy’s Shop at Church Street, Abertillery and was advertising as selling wallpapers, brushes and varnishes etc.

In May 1918 Mr George Handy senior passed away at his home 13 Cromwell Street, Abertillery.

The Death of Mr George H. Handy.
In November 1934 Mr George Henry Handy passed away and was buried at the Horeb Burial Ground, Trinant.

The Death of Mrs Handy.
In December 1935 Mrs Mary Ann Handy passed away at her residence at Trinant and was later buried at the Horeb Burial Ground, Trinant.

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