Mr John. P. Swinburne M.E

Mr John. P. Swinburne M.E

Mr John. P. Swinburne M.E.
Mr John Swinburne M.E. chief mechanical engineer for the Messrs J. Lancaster Co. Born in 1837 at Durham, England,

In about 1867 Mr John Swinburne married Isabella from Easington, County Durham. Their children were – Miss Mary Swinburne, born in 1867 at Durham. Miss Elizabeth Swinburne, born 1872 at Yorkshire and Miss Frances Swinburne, born in 1875 at Yorkshire. 

The Move to South Wales.
Mr John Swinburne came to Cardiff in 1884, he worked for the Powell Duffryn Co at New Tredegar. 

Mr John Swinburne at Blaina.
In 1889 Mr Swinburne came to Blaina to sink the South Griffin number 3 Colliery for the J. Lancaster Company, he also took a prominent part in the sinking operations at the Arael Griffin number 4 and number 5 Collieries. Upon coming to Blaina the family lived at 18 Abertillery Road, Blaina.

The Lancaster Co Brickworks.
In November 1892 Messrs John Lancaster & Co opened a brickworks at Blaina and Mr John Swinburne became the manager of the works.

The Death of Mrs Swinburne.
In February 1900, Mr John Swinburne’s wife Isabella sadly passed away, they lived at The Woodlands, Blaina, Monmouthshire.

On Wednesday 10th January 1906 Mr Swinburne was honoured for his work with the Lancaster Co. A concert was held at the Lesser Co-operative Hall, Blaina.

Mr Swinburne and his children later resided at the Hawthorns, Blaina.

The Death of Mr John Swinburne.
On Saturday 5th April 1907 Mr John Swinburne sadly passed away at 68 years of age and was buried at the Blaina Cemetery.

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