Mr Lewis Viaduct Hotel – Crumlin

Mr Lewis Viaduct Hotel – Crumlin

Lewis Viaduct Hotel Bottle.
A Green glass bottle with the original Vulcanite stopper, the bottle is embossed with Lewis Viaduct Hotel Crumlin. The stopper is embossed with Viaduct Hotel Crumlin. This type of bottle was first designed in the 1870s and patented in 1880. Size of the bottle 11″ x 3″ inches. 

As the bottle manufacturers didn’t mould the first initial of the Landlord onto the bottle but just the name of Lewis, it is hard to say for whom the bottle was manufactured. Mr Evan Lewis was Landlord from 1891 to 1900, after his death it was reported to be in the hands of Mr John Jenkin Lewis, (son of Evan Lewis) and later a Mr William Lewis (more than probably Evan Lewis’s youngest son) was also Landlord from 1911 to 1913. As mentioned the design of this type of bottle spans those years. Whichever, it was the same family.  

Viaduct Hotel Crumlin.
I’m not sure when the Viaduct Hotel was established though it was situated in the valley adjacent to the Western Valley Brewery, Crumlin, close to the Crumlin Viaduct. Below are a few of the Landlords that were listed as tenants of the Viaduct Hotel. 

Mr Lewis Richards.
In 1861 Mr Lewis Richards was Landlord at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin.

Mr Rees Davies.
In the 1870s Mr Rees Davies was the Landlord of the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin. In December 1878 Mr Davies went bankrupt. 

Mrs Margaret Richards.
In 1871 Mrs Margaret Richards was Landlady of the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin (as seen in the advertisement dated 1878). 

Mr John Herbert.
Mr John Herbert was Landlord though there are no dates of his tenure available. Mr Herbert was Landlord for a while though died in about 1891.

Mr Evan Lewis.
Mr Evan Lewis born 1840 at Cwm, Ebbw Vale. On the 1881 Census Mr Lewis was Landlord of the Bridgend Inn, Ebbw Vale with his wife Mary born 1842 at Newbridge, Monmouthshire and daughters, Misses Mary Jane Lewis born 1867, Leah Lewis born 1872, Casandra Lewis born 1886, Edith Florence Lewis born 1878. Sons, Masters John Jenkin Lewis born 1874 and William Lewis born 1880.

In 1891 Mr Evan Lewis took over the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin from Mr John Herbert.

In November 1898 it was reported that Mr Evan Lewis of the Viaduct Hotel had installed electric lighting at the Viaduct Hotel and the adjacent Crumlin Brewery. It was reported to be the first of its type and Mr Lewis was a pioneer of such, who in the future may extend his connection with other Crumlin residents.

In January 1899 Mr and Mrs Evans daughter Cassy Evans married Mr Stephenson Yates Knight, son of Mr J. P. Knight the General Manager of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway.

Mr Evan Lewis became Overseer of the Parish and later lived at Sycamore House, Pontypool. On Wednesday 19th September 1900 Mr Lewis sadly passed away at 60 years of age.

Mr John Jenkin Lewis.
I believe the Viaduct Hotel was owned by the Lewis family in particular Mr John Jenkin Lewis the son of the late Evan Lewis. I believe at this point the Hotel was run by Mr McCraith as Manager.

Mr McCraith.
After the death of Mr Evan Lewis Mr McCraith became Landlord Manager at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin. In 1904 Mr John Jenkin Lewis left the area.

Mrs Hannah M. Smith.
Mrs Hannah M. Smith, daughter of Mr James Smith of Greenfield, Newbridge, took over the Viaduct Hotel after Mr McCraith and Mr John Jenkin Lewis left.

The Western Valley Billiard League.
In July 1908 a meeting was held at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin with the intention to form the Western Valley Billiards League.

The Quoits League.
In April 1909 a meeting was held at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin with the intention of forming a Quoits League.

In February 1910 Mrs Hannah M. Smith sadly passed away.

Mr Williams.
In November 1910 Mr Williams was Landlord at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin.

Mr William Lewis.
In March 1911 Mr William Lewis was Landlord at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin.

Mr Thomas George Harris.
In January 1913 Mr Thomas George Harris was Landlord at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin. Mr and Mrs Harris had a fairly long tenure, they were tenants until the mid 1920s.

Mrs Grace Moulden.
In 1925 it was reported that Mrs Grace Moulden was the Manageress at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin.

Later names associated with the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin are Derek and Janet Mason in the 1980s and Mr Douglas Macgillivray during the 1990s.

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