Mr Lionel Falkman 1892-1963

Mr Lionel Falkman 1892-1963

Mr Lionel Falkman 1892-1963.
Mr Lionel Falkman, born 1892, was the son of Mr and Mrs Joseph and Annie Falkman, furniture retailers of Abertillery & Llanhilleth. Master Lionel Falkman was a child violinist, a pupil of Mr J. Collier of Abertillery and played many violin solo’s in and around Abertillery on many occasions, one of these was at the Eisteddfod held at the Powell’s Tillery Institute in 1902 aged just ten years old.   

The Bassalleg Eisteddfod.
Master Lionel Falkman won the 1st prize for a violin solo at the Bassalleg Eisteddfod in August 1904. He had previously led an orchestra at Abertillery when he was just 12 years old.

The Caerphilly Castle Eisteddfod.
At the Caerphilly Castle Eisteddfod in May 1907 Lionel Falkman won 1st prize violin solo out of sixteen competitors.

At the Powell’s Tillery Gymnasium Hall in March 1908, Lionel Falkman played on the violin “Mendelssohn’s Concerto” in E minor, the piece was thirty-two pages in length though he played the whole concerto from memory, and he was still only fifteen years of age.

Mr Arthur Angle.
A young Lionel Falkman was sent to Cardiff to be taught by Mr Arthur Angle, later by Kalman Ronay, Maurice & Sons and Leopold Aner. 

The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
In September 1909 he played at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Mr Lionel Falkman and the Imperial Russian Ballet.
In August 1912 Mr Lionel Falkman was engaged for a tour with Madame Pavlova and Mons Novikoff and the members of the Imperial Russian Ballet. Madame Pavlova was the celebrated Russian dancer, Mr Lionel Falkman would be the sub-conductor and first-violinist for the orchestra.

The Imperial Russian Ballet at Cardiff.
In December 1912 Mr Lionel Falkman came to Cardiff with the Imperial Russian Ballet tour.

The Newport College of Music.
In April 1913 Mr Lionel Falkman founded the Newport College of Music and he also held the position of Musical Director at the Lyceum Theatre.

Vaudeville Cinema, Reading.
After the first world war Mr Falkman became Musical Director at the Vaudeville Cinema at Reading, Berkshire. He held that post until 1921 until the Capitol Theatre, Cardiff was constructed.  

The Capitol Cinema Orchestra, Cardiff.
In 1921 Lionel Falkman became the conductor of the Capitol Cinema Orchestra, Cardiff,  for years he was regularly on the air as conductor of the Paramount Theatre Orchestra, Manchester, England.

The Cinema Orchestra and the B.B.C.
It was reported that Mr Falkman and his Orchestra were the first cinema orchestra to be broadcasted on the B.B.C.

Mr Leo Falkman and his Apache Band.
In 1933 Lionel Falkman went to London and formed his Apache Band, they were at the Brasserie, Oxford Street Corner House until 1938. At this time he was known as Leo Falkman and his Apache Band.

The Death of Mr Lionel Falkman.
Mr Lionel Falkman sadly passed away in May 1963, there are hardly any known reports or obituaries in connection with his death.

The Preview Image.
With the image of Mr Falkman (as seen above) is a card with his genuine signature and best wishes message from November 1938 written in ink.

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