Mr S. C. Holman – Tobacconist

Mr S. C. Holman – Tobacconist

Mr S. C. Holman, Tobacconist and Newsagent.
Mr Samuel C. Holman born in 1872 at Crewkerne, Somersetshire and his wife Mrs Harriet Holman nee Edwards born 1873 also from Crewkerne. They were married in 1895 and was in Abertillery in the 1890’s and became a friend of Mr T. H. Prichard.

Mr S. C. Holman set up his newsagents and tobacconist shops in Somerset Street Abertillery, one shop was located in the Pontlottyn Buildings (as seen in the ad and featured image above) and one in the Rogers Buildings opposite the Bon Marche in the late 1890’s.

In September 1900 Mr Holman had a giant “pipe” made and hung above his premises in Somerset Street. After this date his slogan became “The Sign of the Pipe” and it was featured on every advertisement.

Mr S. C. Holman at Blaina.
In April 1901 he opened a shop in 59 High Street, Blaina.

Mr and Mrs Holman had two sons, Mr Thomas Frederick Holman and Mr John Stanley Holman and also two daughters, Miss Annie Holman and Miss Elsie May Holman.

Mr Thomas Frederick Holman.
Mr Thomas Frederick Holman, of Sunnyside, Oak Street, Abertillery. He worked as a clerk in Lloyds Bank, Brynmawr. He was a member of the Powell’s Tillery Swimming Club and also a member of the Cardiff Water Polo team. He was married to Miss Marion Leigh, daughter of Mr W. H. Leigh M.E. manager of Six Bells Colliery living at Hafod Arael Cottage, Six Bells, Abertillery.

Mr John Stanley Holman.
Mr John Stanley Holman married Miss Muriel Griffiths of Camerton Gladstone Street, Abertillery.

Miss Annie Holman.
Miss Annie Holman was a daughter but sadly little is known of her.

Miss Elsie May Holman.
Mr and Mrs Holman’s daughter was Miss Elsie May Holman, she was married to Mr Charles William Reginald Salter, originally of Brighton. Mr Salter played Association Football for Abertillery. They later emigrated to Perth, Australia and entered the Congregational Home Mission at Korrelocking.

holmans-copyLater Mr S. C. Holman opened a shop on High Street Abertillery (as seen left).

The Later Years.
The shop in Somerset Street closed and was relocated to High Street, Abertillery. That premises closed in the 1980’s and became Camalot Newsagents and Tobacconists. The premises is now a Cash Generator establishment.

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