N.C.B. Laundry Bag & Pin – 1980s

N.C.B. Laundry Bag & Pin.
Made from (bag) cotton (pin) stainless steel. Size 26″ x 16″ inches.

In 1981 the National Coal Board established the laundry scheme and issued all the workmen with a couple of sets of orange coloured cotton material work-wear.

This work-wear consisted of an optional jacket, short sleeved shirt and trousers and a grey vest, or you could choose to have sets of orange overalls with shirts and vests instead.

A special room was built inside the baths and you would place one set of dirty work-wear into this bag and it would get sent out to be laundered each week and returned a few days later…..Prior to this you would have to supply and wash your own clothing.

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