North Blaina Collieries

North Blaina Collieries

The North Blaina Collieries.
Ffosmaen Colliery.

Peggy’s Pit Coalbrookvale Nantyglo.
There isn’t a great deal known about this colliery, though it was a deep mine with quite a few men employed there. It was situated close to the Ffosmaen Colliery and on the image can be seen the both collieries and an air-shaft (top right of the image).

In 1890 it was owned by the Coalbrookvale Colliery Company. Messrs Barnes & Co.

In July 1891 a full examination of the underground workings took place by the workmen’s examiners, it reported that the mine was in good order, free of gas and all roof and sides in good shape, with the exception of Thomas Lewis’ Heading, though it was put right in the presence of the examiners, the roads and returns in the Bydelog seams were all in good order with good ventilation. The shaft was examined and found to be in good order. The two Examiners were – Mr David Price and Mr William Llewellyn.

On Sunday Morning April 1892 Mr Isaiah Humphrys and his two sons descended Peggy’s Pit, Coalbrookvale to attend to the 10 Horses, though upon reaching the underground stables they found seven suffocated while the remaining three were in a state of exhaustion and were struggling for life. The three ostler’s also became affected by the gas and the father fell unconscious from its affects. he was taken to the surface by his sons who had managed to withstand the fumes, all having a narrow escape. It was later explained that a fall had occurred in the return wind-road that had obstructed the passage of the foul air.

In September 1894 a dispute at the at the Black Vein Colliery, Nantyglo resulted in the men at that pit to go on strike. A Strike Fund was established and many of the area’s Collieries and Works subscribed to the fund. Following is a list of those that gave to the fund and the money received – Roseheyworth & Abertillery £5. 0s. 0d; Waenavon Slope £0. 10s. 0d; Lions Mill Nantyglo £0. 16s. 6d; The Wash-House £0. 11s. 0d; Coalbrookvale Deep Pit £4. 18s. 5d; Peggy’s Pit £1. 18s. 3d; Stones Pit £1. 17s. 11d: Total received on the September 18th 1894 – £15. 12s 1d:

This list only goes to show the money collected and donated to the fund by the Peggy’s Pit men was quite substantial and there must have been quite a few miners working at the colliery.
Peggy’s Colliery was not mentioned in any reports after 1900.

The Sun Colliery.

The Stones Colliery.
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The Cinder Pit.
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The North Griffin Colliery.
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Trostrae Shafts.

Coalbrookvale Colliery.
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Nantyglo Deep Pit.

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