Penybont 1835 – Land Upon Which the Penybont Tillery Colliery Would be Built

Penybont 1835.
The map features the land area upon which the Penybont Tillery Colliery was sunk. Messrs T. P. Price and his brother D. Price started the sinking of the colliery in about 1848. The shafts were sunk and completed by November 1850.

Mr Matthew Habakkuk was the underground surveyor and engineer in charge.

Some features on the map – Top right “Road to the Hill” is the Crook Hill area, just below is Penybont Farm, the farm is now buried directly beneath Henley’s Bus Depot. This farm can be seen on an old image of the colliery and the out-buildings must have been constructed around the farm.

The road and Tilery Brook are entwined and just left of the farmhouse was a stone bridge, that original stone bridge gave its name to the area “Pen-y-bont”

Far left can be seen the road leading to “The Hill” Cwmtillery west with the turn off to what is now Wallace’s Lane.

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