Rose Heyworth Colliery

Rose Heyworth Colliery

Rose Heyworth Colliery.
Rose Heyworth Colliery – The Pithead Bank and the south cage showing the Banksman’s Cabin (left) on the upper deck.

Between the time the two images were taken the winder had turned the pit and the north cage went down and the south cage came up.

Also seen are the banksman’s controls (right) and on the ground is the compressed air loading ram, this ram pushed the loaded drams onto the cage, the dram would be kept secure on the cage by the scotches on the floor of the cage. These scotches were hinged iron clamps that wedged against the axles of the drams, once on the bottom or top of the pit the banksman, onsetter, on the top or hitcher at the pit-bottom would release the scotches and the drams would roll off the cage.

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