Shaft Diver – Penybont Colliery 1865

Shaft Diver – Penybont Colliery 1865

Shaft Diver at Penybont Tillery Colliery.
The following is a report from an Engineering item written by Mr T. Dyne Steel, ME., part owner of the Tillery Colliery in the 1860s.

This article is from the Devonshire Journal dated December 1865, it states that, He – Mr T. Dyne Steel has employed a Shaft Diver at the Tillery Colliery, Abertillery to dive into flooded shafts and fix the underwater pumps “on site”, the diver he has employed is Mr John Zeale who also works for the Newport Docks Company, he is as brave as a Lion and works underwater fixing and repairing pipes and pumps in complete darkness as fast and efficient as any surface fitter in a workshop. Mr Zeale is from Croyde, North Devon and is also now employed at many of the Abertillery pits when needed.

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