Six Bells Village – Circa 1903

Six Bells Village – Circa 1903

Six Bells Village – Circa 1903.
An un-posted Picture Postcard published by Messrs Morgan & Francis of the Pontlottyn Shop Abertillery. 

Points of Interest – The Vivian Cottages and the Coach and Horses (can be seen bottom of the image). Opposite the Coach and Horses Inn was a large coal waste tip, produced by the waste from Six Bells Colliery not long after its completion. The waste tip closer to the railway lines was from the Durban Level and the Hafod Van Colliery, via the Black Bridge close to the old Six Bells Inn.

The waste tip opposite the Coach and Horses Inn was partly removed before the new Bethany Church was constructed in 1905, the Messrs J. Lancaster’s Arael Griffin Miners Institute can also be seen (bottom of the image), this was built in 1902, so the image can be dated to about 1903, no later than 1904.  

The Tramway from the Durban Coal Level can be seen (far right) coming down the mountain, under the main road and down to the Railway Lines.

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