Sylvester’s Pullers

Sylvester’s Pullers.
The Sylvester’s pullers came in four-parts, the sword, box, handle and load pulling chain. Size – Handle 3′ feet long. Box 6″ x 4″ x 2″ inches. Sword 3′ feet long.

The Sylvester’s pullers were invented by Mr Walter Sylvester 1867-1944. They were invented as a safe way to extract timbers from the coal face, they were used for other purposes such as conveyor belt tension, pulling drams back on road, moving machinery etc, though they were dangerous to use also heavy to carry around underground.

Later an aluminium set was introduced, though owing to aluminium being light and soft compared to iron that under great tension the box would strip the teeth off the sword, this fault caused many accidents, also aluminium was later seen as a possible cause of explosions in coal mines so these new sets of Sylvester’s wasn’t looked upon very favourably.

A few other companies manufactured the same design of pullers.

Also known as “Dogs” and “Bullers”.

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