The Abertillery Park Pavilion

The Abertillery Park Pavilion.
On 10th of April 1911, at a monthly meeting of the Abertillery District Council held at the council chambers with Mr George Jones presiding, the following gentlemen attended – Mr T. H. Prichard (Vice-Chairman); Alderman W. Thomas J.P.; Mr W. Harris; Mr J. Phillips; Mr R. Downs; Mr G. Purnell; Mr D. Smith; Mr Theo Jones; Mr G. Rogers; Mr J. Jeffries; Mr A. T. Boots; Mr Fred Athay; Mr W. Gait (Clerk); Mr Davies (Assistant Clerk); Mr Lionel Lewis (Surveyor) Dr Weaver (Medical Officer); Mr Langford (Gas Manager)Mr D. Lloyd (Electric Manager) and Mr F. Padfield (Sanitary Inspector): At this meeting the construction of a pavilion at the park was granted.

The Allotments Committee recommended the council accept the tender of Messrs Harrison of London of £240 for the erection of the pavilion. The pavilion was said to have been partitioned off inside by three separate rooms, a dining and tea area, a dressing room and a urinal. The pavilion cost the council £240, that is equivalent to £27,777.00 in today’s money.

The Contractor and Architect.
Messrs John Harrison and Co of Comberwell, London were the contractors.

The Opening of the Abertillery Park Pavilion.
The pavilion was completed in July 1911 and tenders were invited by the Abertillery District Council for the renting of the refreshments and dressing rooms between the 21st of July 1911 the 30th of September 1912.

Mr Emanuel.
The tender of Mr Emanuel to rent the pavilion refreshment and dressing rooms at the park was accepted at £20 per season.

In 1913 the post of a woman attendant was advertised to be employed at the pavilion.

Miss E. Morgan.
Miss E. Morgan of Abertillery was the successful applicant, Miss Morgan was one of twenty applicants was employed to serve tea and refreshments with a wage of 12s. per week, equivalent to £70.00 in today’s money.

Messrs Sheen and John.
In May 1922 Messrs Sheen and John were renting the pavilion and were sole distributors of ices, teas and refreshments at the park at this time. The closing time at the pavilion refreshment rooms was 10.00pm.

The Later Years.
The pavilion was later used for dressing rooms for the various sports teams though they fell into disrepair in the 1960’s-70’s and was later demolished.

(More information to come).

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