The Clynmawr Hotel – Blaenau Gwent

The Clynmawr Hotel – Blaenau Gwent

The Clynmawr Hotel.
It is thought the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent was built in 1861, the earliest reports I can find on the Clynmawr Hotel, are from the 1870s, when Mr Edward Thomas and his wife Mary were the landlord and landlady.
The Clynmawr Hotel (seen lower middle on the map from 1880) was named after the area of Blaenau Gwent known as Clynmawr, the area extended from Tyr Bryn down to the main railway line at Glanydwr and across to Brynteg to the east. There is no known English translation of the word Clyn, on the land maps of the 1830’s the area was known as Clain Mawr. Later the street name of Glynmawr was a corruption of Clynmawr. 

Mr Edward Thomas.
In 1881 Mr Edward Thomas born 1845 at Pontnewydd, Monmouthshire and his wife Mary nee Davies? born 1848 at Abertillery.

The Official Opening of the Cwmtillery Junior Mixed School, the Cock n Chick.
On Monday 15th January 1877 the Board Schools Cwmtillery known as the “Cock n Chick School” were officially opened. Guest were Mr Lawrence Heyworth for the South Wales Colliery Co (who established and opened the Rose Heyworth Colliery and was the Architect of the cottages of Blaenau Gwent Rows); Mr J. W. Walters J.P.; The Rev Howell Howells; Mr T. Phillips; Mr J. Thomas of Brynmawr and Dr Soper; Mr Edmund Morgan; Mr Titus Phillips (Vice Chairman of the Board) Mr J. Harding; Mr W. Dayson; Rev J. A. Jones (the Clerk); Mr Walters (Treasurer) Dr Williams: Rev J. Lewis and Mr Allen (Nantyglo):

After the opening of the school the party then left and walked to the Clynmawr Hotel for lunch where Mr Edmund Morgan presided. Toasts were given to the South Wales Colliery Co, the people of the valley, the coal iron and general trade of the district, the Aberystruth Shool Board and the Guardians of the Bedwellty Union.

Pride of the Valley Lodge of Shepherds.
In 1879 the “Pride of the Valley Lodge of Shepherds” was established with over 70 members initiated and many more proposed for membership. The lodge used the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent for their meetings.

On Monday 11th October 1880 the “Pride of the Valley Lodge of Shepherds” held their first annual meeting. Reports in the South Wales Daily News stated over 60 members sat for dinner under the superintendence of their host Mrs Thomas. Following were the officers of the lodge – Mr Thomas Prosser Stewart (Chairman); Mr Bradbury (Vice-Chairman) and Mr John Morgan (Secretary): At the meeting, entertainment was supplied by the following singers – Mr T. P. Stewart; Mr D. Harris; Mr W. Morgan; Mr John Williams and Mr Bradbury. The Harpist was Mr Henry Jones: Speeches were given by the Chairman and Mr William Banfield.

On the 1881 census Mr Edward Thomas born 1845 at Pontnewydd, Monmouthshire was still the landlord of the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent and his wife Mary nee Davies? born 1848 at Abertillery, with their children Master Edward John and Misses Hannah S. and Margaret Thomas, also a Servant Miss Mary Ann Densley from Tredegar.

Mrs Sarah Aston.
On the 1891 census Mrs Sarah Aston born 1847 at Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire was the landlady with her husband Mr B. Aston? with their children Misses Kate born 1873 at Crumlin, Mary born 1874, Crumlin and Master William Aston, born 1877 at Crumlin. Also a servant living there by the name of Miss J. Jenkins, born 1870 at West Dean, Gloucester. At this time the Clynmawr Hotel’s official address was No72 Newtown, Blaenau Gwent. There was also a Clynmawr House listed at No73 Newtown, Blaenau Gwent.

In the 1890’s it was the venue for many miners meetings, reports stated the men also used to gather on the fields around the Clynmawr Hotel if there were large crowds.

Throughout the 1890’s Mrs Sarah Ashton was the landlady of the Clynmawr Hotel.

Mrs Mary Morgan.
In August 1900 Mrs Mary Jane Morgan, the daughter of Mrs Ashton applied for a transfer of the license of the Clynmawr Hotel from her mother who was in ill health. Mrs Sarah Ashton sadly passed away a few weeks later in September 1900.

On the 1901 census Mary Morgan nee Ashton, born 1874 at Crumlin was landlady at the Clynmawr Hotel, living with her was her (brother-in-law?) William Morgan. Also a servant, Miss Winifred Ralph, born at Blaenavon in 1883.

The Council Inspections of 1908.
The Clynmawr Hotel, when it was constructed, like many other public houses had ample stable requirements to accommodate the travellers who frequented the establishments. In February 1908 the Council Inspectors examined many of the public houses in the area and the first case to be assessed was that of the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent. The report (as seen right) stated the following – General repairs were required to the outside of the building. The house was in a bad condition and the stable was dirty. There was no lavatory in the house. It was desirable that there should be, and that recommendation was made. The report listed many inns and most had no bathroom or lavatory, the Royal Exchange at Blaenau Gwent didn’t even have a kitchen.

Mr William Joseph Fahey.
On the 1911 census, Mr William Joseph Fahey born 1878 at Kilcrea, County Cork, Ireland was the landlord and his wife Mary Fahey nee Meade? from Crumlin, Monmouthshire with their sons Masters John William and Edward Morgan Fahey aged 1 year and 3 months respectively, also two Nursemaids – Misses Ellen and Lily Summers of Brynmawr.

The Skittle Alley and the Free Church Council.
On Wednesday 24th May 1911 the Abertillery Free Church Council held its annual meeting at the Tabernacle Chapel, Abertillery addressed by Rev T. Richards. Also present were the following – Mr D. J. Badger (Corresponding Secretary); Mr A. Hill (President); Revs T. Humphries; A. Evans; and D. Collier, Messrs T. F. Salt; J. Snelgrove and Mr R. More (Vice-Presidents); Mr T. F. Salt (Treasurer); Mr A. Phillips (Financial Secretary) and Rev T. Grey Davies: The Free Church Council had an area from Abertillery to Six Bells and were intent on promoting religious activities and to stem (what they called) the growing evil in the district by taking action in regards to licensing issues, boxing saloons and such, they reported their opposition on the granting of an extra license for the Cwmtillery Brewery and the proposed construction of a skittle alley at the Clynmawr Hotel, they were successful in opposing the license for the Cwmtillery Brewery though permission to build a skittle alley at the Clynmawr Hotel was granted.

The Marstons Skittle League.
In October 1934 the Clynmawr Hotel featured in the Marstons Skittle League with the following teams – The Castle Hotel, Lymes Club “B”, Oak Street Social Club, High Street Social Club “A”, Walpole Hotel, Legion Club “A”, Cwmtillery Club, Glasgow House “A”, National Club Cwm, Central Hotel, Lymes Club “A”, Blaenau Gwent Club, The Drill Hall (Abertillery), Legion Club “B”, Glasgow House “B” and the High Street Social Club “B”.

Mr Arthur Gittins.
Sometime during the Great War, Mr A. Gittins became landlord of the Clynmawr Hotel, Mr Gittins had a Motor Car Hire business and was hiring out cars from the Clynmawr Hotel.

In 1936 Mr A. Gittins was still listed as the landlord of the Clynmawr Hotel.

The Webb’s Skittle League.
In September 1938 the Clynmawr Hotel featured in the Webb’s Skittle League “A” Division with the following teams – Walpole, Drill Hall (Cwm), Top Hotel (Llanhilleth), Cwmtillery Club, Castle Hotel, Lymes Club, Oak Street Social Club, High Street Social Club, Conservative Club (Llanhilleth), Lion Hotel, Blaenau Gwent Club and the Blaentillery Club. At this time the Clynmawr only had one team in the league.

Mr Ben Brown.
There were reports that Mr Ben Brown was later landlord at the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent.

Mr George Jones.
In about 1950 Mr George Jones and his wife Rose became the landlord and landlady of the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent.

Mr William Hughes.
In 1963 Mr William (Bill) Hughes and his wife Maureen were landlord and landlady of the Clynmawr Hotel, Blaenau Gwent, they had both been previous steward and stewardess of the Top Hat Club, Cwmtillery. Mr and Mrs Hughes left the Clynmawr Hotel in 1988.

Mrs Lyn Drinkwater.
In 1988 Mrs Lyn Drinkwater became the landlady of the Clynmawr Hotel. Her tenure lasted ten years and she left in 1998.

Mr Alan Ford.
In 1998 Mr Allan Ford and his wife Jeanette became owners of the Clynmawr Hotel at Blaenau Gwent and are still currently resident. 

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