The Comet Belt Lacer

The Comet Belt Lacer

The Comet Belt Lacer.
The Comet Belt Lacer. Made by Mastabar Mining Equipment Company Ltd, Accrington, Lancs. Made from Iron and Brass. Size 12″ x 15″ x 4″ inches. Weight 20kg.

This machine was used to crimp the metal clips into the ends of the conveyor belting. As the roadways extended in lengths the conveyor belts had to keep on being extended by adding new lengths of belt to the existing conveyor. The procedure was done by turning the handles at the back of the machine the jaws would open, pull out the clip retaining arm and insert the clips (pack of eight) place the end of the conveyor belt into the jaws and turn the handles clockwise clamping the clips tight into the end of the belt. Repeat the procedure by working along the end of the belt from edge to edge between six to eight times depending on the width of the conveyor belt. Do the same on the other end of the conveyor belt, place the two ends of the belting together and interlock the clips, then slide a belting wire through the interlocked clips to form the hinged connection.

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