The Gray Colliery – List of Fatalities

The Gray Colliery – List of Fatalities.
This list of deaths at the Gray Colliery, Abertillery covers most of those reported in National and Local Newspapers and Ancestry files. This page is fluid and will be updated as more information is received. Entries with an asterisk* after the date signify that the name and date was taken from Ancestry and cannot be verified with a newspaper report. 

Mr John Curtis, aged 22. Died – 14th August 1895. Cause of death – Run over by a journey. The report states Mr Curtis was killed at the Graig Pit, Abertillery though it was a miss-print and was actually the Gray Pit.

Mr William Lane, aged 37. Died – Tuesday 8th September 1896. Cause of death – Fall.

Mr James Herbert, aged 16. Died – Saturday 12th February 1898. Cause of death – Mr Herbert had his head crushed by the journey in an accident on Friday 11th February 1898 and never recovered, he died from his injuries the following day Saturday 12th February 1898. Mr Herbert lived at 2 Walter Street, Blaenau Gwent, Abertillery.

Mr William Roberts, aged 54. Died – Tuesday 31st May 1898. Cause of death – Mr Roberts had fell off a wall onto the rails below, he died from his injuries. Mr Roberts lived at Alma Street, Abertillery.

Mr John Thomas, aged 25. Died – Friday 7th April 1899. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Thomas lived at the Brynteg area of Gladstone Street, Abertillery.

Master Emlyn Williams, aged 14. Died – Wednesday 9th October 1901. Cause of death – Fall. Master Williams was severely injured in a fall on Tuesday 8th October 1901 while working with his father, he was taken home, his removal to Cardiff Hospital was discussed though was abandoned. He passed away a few hours after midnight on Wednesday 9th October 1901. Master Williams lived at Mitre Street, Abertillery.

Mr Thomas Rowe, aged 27. Died – Sunday 8th December 1901. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Rowe lived at 49 Tillery Street, Abertillery. Mr Thomas Rowe was reported to have been a well known footballer and was vice-captain of the Abertillery Football Team for many years and had recently been made captain.

Mr John Harris, aged 69. Died – Thursday 24th September 1903. Cause of death – Mr Harris was injured in an accident on Saturday 29th August 1903 and later died from his injuries on Thursday 24th September 1903.

Mr James Thomas Carter, aged 29. Died – Friday 20th November 1903. Cause of death – Mr Carter was run over by a journey.

Mr James Jones, aged 33. Died – Saturday 21st May 1904. Cause of death – Mr Jones strained himself below ground on Friday 20th May 1904, he died the next day at home. The post-mortem found he had died from heart failure accelerated by the strain.

Mr John Webb, aged 32. Died – Thursday 28th September 1905. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Webb lived at Ashfield Road, Abertillery. It was reported that Mr Webb was a prominent official of the Abertillery Football Club and occupied the position of trainer to the team and was the brother to Mr James Webb the well-known forward.

Mr Frank Plummer. Died – Saturday 18th April 1908. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Plummer lived at Cwm Cottage Road, Abertillery. A witness at the inquiry was a Mr Wellington Pinkett, Who had been working with Mr Plummer. Mr Pinkett was my great-grandfather.

Master James Gumbleton, aged 15. Died – Saturday 2nd January 1909. Cause of death – Fall. Master Gumbleton lived at the Arcade, Abertillery.

Mr Thomas Jenkins, aged 49. Died – Monday 6th June 1910. Cause of death – Mr Jenkins was injured in an accident on Wednesday 1st June 1910 and died on Monday 6th June 1910. Mr Jenkins lived at 13 Rosebery Street, Abertillery.

Mr John John, aged 42. Died – Thursday 9th April 1914. Cause of death – Fall. Mr John was working with Mr Henry Wood as a squeeze came on and pushed Mr Wood out of the way of the fall, though in doing so he lost his own life, he died while protecting his friend. In July 1914 Mrs John, the widow was awarded an allowance of £1 per week from the Carnegie Hero Fund. Mr John lived at 43 Newall Street, Abertillery.

Mr Wilfred Cook, aged 33. Died – Tuesday 8th September 1914. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Cook lived at Brynmorgan Terrace, Cwmtillery.

Mr George Rossiter, aged 49. Died – Monday 13th December 1915. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Rossiter lived at 64 Somerset Street, Abertillery.

Mr William George Granville Hill, aged 16. Died – Monday 25th September 1916. Cause of death – Blood poisoning. Mr Hill had an accident on Monday 28th August 1916. Mr Hill lived at Tredegar Terrace, Cwmtillery.

Mr Edward Gore, aged 25. Died – Wednesday 11th October 1916. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Gore lived at Louvain House, Melbourne Road, Abertillery.

Mr Alfred Jenkins, aged 48. Died – Friday 2nd February 1917. Cause of death – Mr Jenkins was crushed by a journey of drams. Mr Jenkins lived at 21 Clarence Street, Gelli Crug, Abertillery.

Mr William Garrett, aged 41. Died – Tuesday 18th December 1917. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Garrett lived at 4 Vine Cottage, Pantypwdyn Road, Abertillery.

Mr David George Cobbett, aged 36. Died – Tuesday 2nd October 1917. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Cobbett lived at Mount Pleasant Row.

Mr William Alexander Lowman, aged 16. Died – Friday 8th February 1918. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Lowman lived at High Street, Abertillery.

Mr William Edward Johnson, aged 56. Died – Friday 14th March 1919. Cause of death – Fall. Mr Johnson was caught under a fall of roof on Thursday 13th March 1919 and was admitted to hospital with injuries to his back, he died from his injuries the following day on Friday 14th March 1919. Mr Johnson lived at Crook Hill, Cwmtillery.

Mr Thomas William Davies, aged 32. Died – Wednesday 17th May 1922. Cause of death – Mr Davies was run over by a journey. Mr Davies lived at 37a Granville Street, Abertillery.

Mr Richard Hoskins, aged 47. Died – Monday 16th June 1924. Cause of death – Fall. A rope holding back a dram snapped which caused the dram to run down the heading, it hit the roof supports which resulted in a fall. Mr Jenkins could have run away and saved himself though decided to stay and warn his workmates, his actions saved his workmates, though in this act of bravery he lost his own life, he died while protecting his friends. Mrs Hoskins, the widow was awarded an allowance of £1 per week from the Carnegie Hero Fund. Mr Hoskins lived at 41 or 31 Queen Street, Abertillery. (The house number differs in various newspapers).

Mr William Lewis, aged 60. Died – Thursday 17th March 1927. Cause of death – Mr Lewis had ascended the pit and was collecting his pay when he collapsed and died at the pay office. Mr Lewis lived at 15 Gladstone Street, Abertillery.

Many thanks to Mr Bryan Boots for his help in compiling this list. 

(More information to come).

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