The History of Quoits in the Valley’s

The History of Quoits in the Valley.
Quoits played at club level began in this valley in the late 1880’s. The game had been played as a hobby for many years but in 1889 the game of quoits was being seen as less of a pastime and more of a possible competitive sport, many towns and villages in the district formed their own clubs and organised a local league. The criteria for joining the league were that the teams adhered to the English rules and that their quoit grounds must be at least 18 to 21 yards in range with a three-foot square target bed made of clay with a one-inch-wide diameter pin at its center. The (main featured image above) shows two sets of iron quoits, each quoit being eight inches in diameter and about three to four pounds in weight.

From May 1889 quoit clubs were formed from Brynmawr, Ebbw Vale, Cwm, Blaina and down through the valleys to Risca. The only major town not to indulge in the sport was Abertillery, Cwmtillery later set up a club playing from the White Horse Inn but only competed for two years before disbanding.

Following is a timeline of the history of the many clubs that founded the league and the individual team members who established the game of quoits in both valleys.

The Lancaster Quoit Club Blaina.
On Wednesday 7th of March 1889, at a general meeting of the Blaina Cricket Club held at the Lower Lion Hotel, Blaina. The members present were as follows – Mr John Dakers Esq (President); Rev Howells; Dr Soper; Mr J. Morcom; Mr W. Parry; Mr P. L. Martin and Mr R. Norfolk (Vice-Presidents): Mr E. Walsh; Mr Joseph Parry; Mr T. Drew; Mr W. James; Mr D. Sproule; Mr A. Blakey; Mr S. Howells; Mr T. Parry; Mr R. Humphreys; Mr H. Job; Mr J. Davies and Mr H. W. Thomas (Committee): Mr R. Pearson (Hon Treasurer) and Mr R. Norfolk (Hon Secretary): Amongst other issues such as election of officers etc it was decided to form a Blaina Quoit Club, the club would be formed under the name of the Lancaster Quoit Club, Blaina, it would benefit the non-cricketers and be attached to the Blaina Cricket Club. Mr T. Parry was elected as captain.

Brynmawr Quoits Club.
On Tuesday 28th of May 1889, the first meeting of the Brynmawr Quoit Club was held at the Griffin Hotel, Brynmawr. Mr A. C. Goddard of the Capital and Counties Bank was appointed (Chairman and President); Dr A. Lowe; Dr H. C. Bevan and Dr G. H. Browne (Vice-Presidents): Mr W. J. Tong (Secretary); Mr Jenkin Jenkins (Treasurer) Mr Alfred Gage (Captain) and Mr A. Pugh (Vice-Captain): Mr J. Steadman was elected as the new secretary for the coming season. The Committee were as follows – Mr F. T. Webb; Mr A. C. Webb; Mr A. J. Markhall; Mr C. Hicks; Mr F. Richards; Mr W. Leonard; Mr A. Weeks; Mr A. J. Maskrey; Mr John Parry; Mr W. Thomas; Mr N. Morgan; Mr T. J. Jones; Mr R. W. Williams; Mr F. J. Lee; Mr R. W. Walland; Mr W. J. Tong and Mr D. Mosely:

The quoit ground was located opposite the Griffin Hotel, Brynmawr and Mr W. Smith was appointed groundsman. Some of the Brynmawr Quoits Club team members were as follows – Mr A. C. Goddard; Mr A. Gage (Captain); Mr J. Parry; Mr W. H. Price; Mr A. Pugh; Mr F. T. Webb; Mr A. E. Webb; Mr A. J. Maskrey and Mr R. W. Hallam:

After the meeting of the quoits team at the Griffin Hotel the committee debated the formation of a cricket team at Brynmawr, it was reported that the old team disbanded as of lack of funds though during the past season a new pitch had been laid at Wain’s Park at the cost of £8. A further meeting was to be held in connection with the cricket team and the election of its officers.

The Ebbw Vale Quoit Club.
In May 1889 a meeting was held at the Coffee Tavern, Ebbw Vale with the intention to form a quoit club at Ebbw Vale. Mr C. B. Holland J.P., (President); Dr E. S. Vachell J.P. and Capt. N. S. Willputte (Vice-Presidents): It was reported that there were 30 paying members and that several old players had signified their intention of joining. The Ebbw Vale team members were as follows – Mr D. B. Miles; Mr D. Jones; Mr J. Morgan (Captain); Mr D. B. Evans; Mr J. Miles; Mr M. James; Mr W. Rowley and Mr D. Morris: Other later members were – Mr J. Merchant; Mr W. George; Mr R. Merchant; Mr D. Morris; Mr W. Callan; Mr T. Addis; Mr D. Jones (V.C.); Mr W. Rogers; Mr W. Hoskins; Mr D. Hughes and Mr T. Lewis:

The Pontymister Quoit Club.
In May 1889 it was proposed to form a quoit club at Pontymister, Risca, Monmouthshire.

Cwm Quoits Club.
In 1889 the Cwm Quoits Club was formed. Some of the Cwm Quoits Club team members were as follows – Mr L. James (Captain); Mr E. Williams; Mr A. James; Mr P. Jones; Mr J. Tovey; Mr D. Evans; Mr A. Collier; Mr W. Beavan; Mr A. Tovey; Mr E. Herbert; Mr G. Bason; Mr T. Dando; Mr T. Lewis; Mr C. Payne and Mr J. Lewis:

The Victoria Quoits Club.
I am not too sure when Victoria Ebbw Vale formed a quoits club though their team members in June 1889 were as follows – Mr John B. Canning (Captain); Mr W. Newman; Mr D. G. Richards; Mr Lewis James; Mr S. Jones; Mr W. Blanning; Mr R. Parry and Mr J. Tovey: Some of the other players who later joined were – Mr D. Hopkins; Mr A. Palmer; Mr H. Hoskins; Mr Robert Parry; Mr J. Blanning; Mr J. Williams; Mr R. Hopkins; Mr W. Michael and Mr E. Jones:

The Ebbw Vale Open Handicap.
In July 1889 a quoit contest, the open handicap was held at Ebbw Vale for a gold medal valued at 50s shillings. The contest was only open to players within a five-mile radius of the venue. The prize gold medal worth 50s. is the equivalent to about £315.00 in today’s money.

The Ebbw Vale Quoit Ground.
In July 1890 a new ground had been laid out on the premises of the Bridge End Hotel, Ebbw Vale for the purpose of playing quoits. The Ebbw Vale and Victoria Quoits Clubs had formed a 2nd team as follows – Ebbw Vale 2nds – Mr M. James (Captain); Mr J. Watkins; Mr J. Miles; Mr W. George; Mr W. Durran; Mr W. H. Williams; Mr D. H. Henry; Mr R. Moore and Mr R. Murray: Victoria 2nds – Mr W. Newman (Captain); Mr W. Michael; Mr H. Waters; Mr G. Hands; Mr T. Pike; Mr H. Hoskins; Mr J. Challenger; Mr J. Rees and Mr S. Evans:

Cwm Quoit Club.
On Monday 15th of December 1890, the Cwm Quoit Club held their first annual dinner at the Castle Hotel, Cwm. Mr Lewis James (Captain); Mr J. Tovey (Vice-Captain); Mr Pendry Probert (Treasurer) and Mr Edgar Williams (Secretary) of 36 Cwm Road, Waunllwyd.

The Lancaster Quoit Club Transformation.
On Wednesday 18th of May 1892, at their annual supper in the Globe Inn, Blaina, the Blaina Quoit Club which was originally formed under the name of the Lancaster Quoits Club announced they were to rename the club to the Blaina Quoit Club and drop the name of Lancaster from their title. This was thought desirable owing to the increasing interest taken in the game throughout the district. The officers elected were as follows – Mr John Dakers (President); Mr John Swinburn; Mr John Bell; Mr George Wilson; Mr S. Howells Mr John Sommonds; Mr Richard Laughton; Mr J. Morgan (Captain); Mr Alfred Wicks (Vice-Captain); Mr A. J. Milkins (Secretary) and Mr J. F. Morgan (Treasurer):

The South Wales and Monmouthshire Quoits League.
On Saturday 29th of October 1892, the South Wales and Monmouthshire Quoits League was formed. Mr McGibbon of Llanelly was the chairman with Mr Price of Brynmawr as vice-chairman. The president was Colonel. T. Wood of Gwernfydd Park and the vice-president was Lord Llangattock. The object of the association was to promote and encourage the ancient game of quoits. A cup to the value of £15 was purchased for the competitions and the league was divided up into four divisions.

The teams initially affiliated to the association was said to have been twenty-three, though was added to in the first few months to twenty-six and included – Cardiff, Barry, Pontypridd, Llwynypia, Gilfach Goch, Brynmawr, Abersychan, Waunllwyd, Cwm, Maindee, Ton Ystrad, St Fagans, Ebbw Vale, Llanelly, Cwmfadoer, The Great Western Railway, Borough Police, County Police, Wharton, Mackintosh, Craddock Wells and Morriston. Mr T. Ward of Barry was the secretary and Mr W. Tainsh was treasurer. The value of the cup trophy £15 in 1892 is equivalent to £1,830.00 in today’s money.

The First Annual Dinner of the Quoits League.
On Monday 1st of May 1893, the first annual dinner in connection with the South Wales and Monmouthshire Quoit Association took place at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff.

Aberbeeg Tennis and Quoit Club.
In March 1893 (Information to come).

The Nantyglo and Garn Quoits Club.
On Saturday 8th of July 1893, at a meeting in the White Swan Inn, under the presidency of Mr Rees-Williams it was agreed to form a Nantyglo Quoits Club for the district. The officers elected were as follows – Dr T. W. Bevan (President); Dr Robinson (Vice-President); Mr Ivor Cooke (Captain); Mr N. Richards (Vice-Captain); Mr Thomas Legge (Secretary) and Mr Thomas Thomas (Treasurer): It was decided not to enter into matches that season but to hold a series of competitions amongst the club members.

The Winners of the Welsh Championship Cup.
On Saturday 19th of August 1893, the first meeting of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Quoit Association took place at the Cardiff Arms Park when the Welsh Championship Cup was competed for. Four clubs had entered, Llwynypia, Llanelly, St Fagans and Cwm. In the final Cwm lost to Llanelly 134 to 139 points. The Cwm team members were as follows – Mr Snook; Mr Morgan; Mr J. Tovey; Mr A. Hudson; Mr L. Evans; Mr James; Mr Collier and Mr W. Bevan:

The Nantyglo and Garn Quoits Club Ground.
On Saturday 14th of April 1894, a new quoit ground in connection with the Nantyglo and Garn Quoits Club was officially opened. The ground was secured by Dr T. Bevan and others at Nantyglo Gardens in close proximity to the Great Western Railway Station, Nantyglo.

The Nantyglo and Garn Quoit Club commenced their first season on Saturday 5th of May 1894. The Nantyglo and Garn team members were as follows – Dr T. Bevan; Mr J. Sullivan; Mr J. Powell; Mr Thomas Thomas; Mr C. Cooper; Mr J. Bull; Mr H. Jones; Mr W. Gibbs; Mr J. Hopkins Mr W. Price; Mr Thomas Legge; Mr N. Richards; Mr J. Pearce; Mr J. Reynolds; Mr J. Legge; Mr J. Bull; Dr Robinson; Mr J. Cook and Mr J. Denning: Their secretary was Mr Thomas Legge, The Cottage, Nantyglo, Mon.

Wales versus England.
On Saturday 5th of September 1896, Wales played England at quoits at Cheltenham, Mr David Morgan of Cwm played for Wales and was one of the sixteen-man squad while two Brynmawr players Mr W. Herbert and Mr W. H. Price were also in the team and played for Wales. Mr W. H. Price captained the Welsh team.

Wales versus England.
In May 1898 another international quoits match was played between Wales and England. It was reported that four men from the Brynmawr Quoit Club were chosen to play for Wales – Mr W. H. Price (Captain); Mr I. Cook; Mr W. Herbert and Mr W. Charles: Mr W. H. Price captained the Welsh squad.

The Monmouthshire Quoit Association.
In the latter part of the 1890’s the Monmouthshire Quoit Association was formed, meetings were held at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin under the chairmanship of Mr J. H. Plaistead of Maindee. The individual clubs and their representatives were as follows – Mr T. Edwards, Victoria; Mr E. Parfitt, Waunllwyd; Mr D. Evans, Cwm; Mr William Berry, Crumlin; Mr George Jayne, Talywain; Mr D. Murphy, Abersychan and Mr R. Reed, Blaenavon: Mr T. Edwards (Treasurer); Mr Charles Burrows (Secretary); Mr E. Lewis of the Viaduct Hotel was elected president:

The Brynmawr Quoit Club Officers.
In March 1899 the Brynmawr Quoit Club officers were as follows – Dr D. Nyhan (President); Major T. G. Powell V.D.; Dr A. Lowe; Mr C. Morley M.P.; Mr C. Venables Llewellyn J.P.; Mr J. G. Bishop; Mr H. Hughes; Mr J. H. Lewis; Mr E. Dobbs; Dr T. W. Bevan (Captain); Mr W. Herbert (Vice-Captain); Mr F. N. Bamford (Treasurer) and Mr W. H. Price (Secretary):

New Blaina Quoit Club.
In April 1899 the Blaina Quoit Club was reformed and their headquarters were the Queens Hotel, Abertillery Road, Blaina.

The Nantyglo Quoit Club.
In July 1899 the Nantyglo Quoit Club held their meetings at their headquarters the King William, Garn, Nantyglo. The club’s officers were as follows – Mr Ivor Cook (Captain); Mr J. Denning (Vice-Captain); Mr G. Hale of the King William (Treasurer) and Mr Aneurin J. Collins (Secretary) of Tefos, Main Road, Garn, Nantyglo. The team members were as follows – Mr J. Pearce (Captain); Mr J. Hopkins; Mr D. Williams; Mr E. Evans; Mr E. Collins; Mr T. Evans; Mr T. Williams; Mr W. Price; Mr E. Martin; Mr J. Gibbs; Mr J. Lloyd; Mr D. Parfitt; Mr D. Treharne and Mr J. Hall:

The Spectators.
On Saturday 7th of July 1899, the Cwm Quoits Club played Talywain Quoits Club at Cwm in a game in the Monmouthshire Quoits League. The South Wales Gazette reported that 400 spectators were at the match, Cwm won and went top of the league.

Blaina Quoit Club New Grounds.
On Saturday 5th of August 1899, an exhibition match was held at the new grounds at the rear of the Queens Hotel, Blaina. Mr George Graham of London, the champion of England played Mr Ivor Cook of Nantyglo, the champion of Wales. Mr Graham of London won the match by scoring 41 while Mr Cooke of Nantyglo scored 23. It was reported that there was a good crowd of spectators who were later entertained by the Lancaster Town Band. The Blaina team members were as follows – Mr A. James; Mr T. Vaughan; Mr B. James; Mr William Morgan; Mr J. Jones; Mr W. Hathaway; Mr E. Lewis; Mr J. Thomas and Mt J. Vaughan:

The Cwmtillery Quoits Club.
In 1906 the Cwmtillery Quoits Club made an appearance in the Monmouthshire Quoit Association. The Cwmtillery team members were as follows – Mr James Roberts (Captain); Mr Alfred Reynolds; Mr James Rossal; Mr John Charles; Mr J. Wallace; Mr Sam Smith; Mr George Thompson; Mr J. Berry; Mr J. Langham; Mr Rees Rees; Mr J. Gorman; Mr James Lake; Mr Ivor Phillips; Mr W. Jones; Mr N. Gorman; Mr Edward Hale and Mr Phillip Rees: The Cwmtillery Quoits Club played their home games at White Horse Grounds, a field close to the White Horse Inn, Penybont, Cwmtillery.

The Llanhilleth Quiots Club.
In 1907 the Llanhilleth Quiots Club was formed. Mr Theo Jones (President); Mr A. Morgan (Secretary); Mr W. Morgan Jnr (Treasurer); Mr J. Burton (Captain): The club entered the Monmouthshire Quoit Association.

The Blaina Quoits Club.
During the mid 1900’s some of the Blaina Quoits team members were as follows – Mr G. Coles (Captain); Mr T. Roberts; Mr G. Perkins; Mr W. J. Edwards; Mr W. Powell; Mr J. Pugh; Mr C; Perkins; Mr D. Daniel; Mr J; Weeks and Mr J Daniels: The Blaina Club seemed to drop out of the league after 1908 and never featured in any later reports.

The Game of Table Quoits.
On Monday 3rd of February 1908, at the Annual General Licensing Meeting held at Brynmawr, Alderman W. Roberts (Chairman); Mr J. Watkins; Mr J. Bloor; Mr W. Rosser; Mr E. Williams and Mr J. Morgan attended. Superintendent Hands gave a statement that there were 56 alehouses and 18 beerhouses, with one beer and wine house (off) one wine and sweets house, one refreshment house with wine and sweets (on). The population was 8,355. The superintendent urged the bench not to issue licenses unless there were firm guarantees that no public house would allow games such as rings and table quoits. It was reported that these games were on the increase and that they encouraged betting and gambling and that they should be stamped out before any new licenses were issued.

The Monmouthshire Quoit Association.
In April 1908 more clubs and teams joined the Monmouthshire Quoit Association. Many teams added a 2nd’s team and two and the league comprised of sixteen teams in two divisions. Those teams in the Monmouthshire Quoit League at this time were as follows – 1st Division – Crumlin, Cwmcarn, Talywain, Plasycoed, Trevil, Newtown, Waunllwyd and Ebbw Vale: 2nd Division – Penmain, Argoed, Victoria, Llanhilleth, Newtown (seconds), Talywain (seconds), Ebbw Vale (seconds) and Waunllwyd (seconds).

The Cwmtillery Quoits Club Disbands.
In April 1908 it was reported that Cwmtillery, Liswerry, Cwm and Maindee had disbanded.

The Monmouthshire Quoit Association.
In May 1911 a meeting of the Monmouthshire Quoit Association took place at the Viaduct Hotel, Crumlin. The representatives were as follows – Mr Ernest Parfitt of Waunllwyd (Chairman); Mr W. Magness of Crumlin; Mr S. Stewart of Penmaen; Mr A. Trigg of Argoed; Mr Thomas Critchley of Panteg; Mr R. Jones of Plaesycoed; Mr Henry Lyons of Waunllwyd; Mr F. Chappell of Llanhilleth and Mr J. Wallace of Victoria: At this meeting Mr Thomas Lewis the treasurer resigned and was awarded a gold medal in appreciation of his services and Mr Llewellyn Evans of Cwm was elected new treasurer. The statement of finances showed that the association had £35. 2s. 9d. in their account. Mr Dai Evans of Newbridge (Secretary); Mr Llewellyn Evans of Cwm (Treasurer); Messrs William Davies of Crumlin and J. Wallace of Victoria were trustees:

Wales versus England.
In July 1912 the Welsh team was chosen to play England during the Bank Holiday Monday 5th August 1912. Mr Joseph Tovey and Mr Charles Tovey of Cwm and Mr H. Lyons of Waunllwyd were chosen to play for Wales.

The Llanhilleth Quoits Club.
In March 1914 the Llanhilleth Quoits Club held a meeting to discuss their finances. Those gentlemen that attended were – Mr J. G. Tovey (Chairman); Mr W. Parry (Treasurer); Mr Arthur Morgan (Secretary) and Mr Charles Lane (Captain): The Committee were as follows – Mr J. Chivers; Mr F. Chappell; Mr W. Hall; Mr G. Hopes; Mr J. Penn; Mr W. Morgan and Mr D. Thomas: At this meeting it was proposed to run just one team in the 1st Division of the Monmouthshire Quoit League as their finances were not in a good state. It was stated that the club had £12. 11s. 11d. as against an expenditure of £10. 17s. 9d. leaving a credit balance of just £1. 14s. 1d. The treasurer added that the heavy expenditure was on account of their having purchased a new set of solid quoits at a cost of £9. 0s. 0d. It was later said that most of the team were made up of older players who were said to be giving up the game and the younger men were serving their country and joining the colours.

During the start of the Great War Llanhilleth was not on the list of teams playing quoits in the Monmouthshire Quoits League, there were only a few teams partaking and the committee said that it was not necessary to enforce the rules of the league, playing was optional. After the war the leagues resumed and Llanhilleth as with most teams entered teams into the league and the sports sections got back to near as normal.

The Indoor Game of Quoits.
During the early 1920’s the outdoor sport of quoits was still in existence though only played by a few clubs, it seemed to give way to the increasingly popular indoor version. The law against indoor games was relaxed and many public houses installed a quoit table. These indoor quoit tables were normally triangular shaped, about four-feet long on each side, the bed being one-foot in height with the playing surface being three-feet high on legs. The bed of the table and both sides were thickly padded with leather and fitted into the corner of the bar or games room in most pubs. The player would stand about eight feet away from the table and try to pitch wooden or rope quoits onto a pin in the center of the table.

The Brynmawr and District Quoit League.
In 1920 the Brynmawr and District Quoit League consisted of the following teams – The Black Horse, Brynmawr. The Kings Head, Brynmawr. The Barley Sheaf, Brynmawr. The Rock & Fountain, Brynmawr. The King William, Brynmawr. The Clarence, Brynmawr. The Band Club, Blaina. The Kings Head, Blaina. The Railway, Brynmawr and the Lamb Inn, Blaina.

The Webb’s Western Valley’s Indoor Quoit League.
In 1920 the Webb’s Western Valley’s Indoor Quoit League (as seen above) consisted of the following teams – The Lamb Inn, Abertillery. The Prince of Wales, Abertillery. The Cwm Hotel, Abertillery. The Royal Exchange, Blaenau Gwent. The Commercial, Abertillery. The Mitre Inn, Abertillery. The Globe, Ebbw Vale. The Colliers Arms, Abertillery. The Railway Inn, Abertillery. The Crown, Blaenau Gwent. The Old Bridge End Inn, Penybont. The D.S.D.S. (fore-runner to the British Legion Club), Abertillery. The Aberbeeg Cons Club and the South Wales Inn, Cwmtillery.

Sadly, there are no known individual team members or score cards from this period.

The Monmouthshire Quoit League.
Throughout the 1920’s the outdoor Monmouthshire Quoit League was still based at Crumlin with meetings held at the Viaduct Hotel. They league was now in three divisions, the Sirhowy Valley, the Eastern Valley and the Western Valley. The teams were – Waunllwyd, Llanhilleth, Ebbw Vale and Cwm, most of the teams had A and B sides. The secretaries of the Crumlin and Llanhilleth clubs were Mr T. Jones and Mr T. Wilson respectively.

The Llanhilleth Quoits Club.
In the late 1920’s the outdoor Llanhilleth Quoits Club played their matches on the Llanhilleth Park grounds and their team members were as follows – Mr F. Griffiths; Mr P. Evans; Mr W. Parry; Mr J. Lane; Mr A. Penn; Mr I. Kimber; Mr W. Michael and Mr J. Rogers:

Wales versus England.
On Monday 5th of August 1929, Wales played England in an international quoits match at Radstock, Somerset, England. The Welsh team consisted of Mr J. Tovey and Mr A. Turner of Cwm; Mr F. Evans and Mr L. Baker of Victoria; Mr F. Griffiths of Llanhilleth and Mr G. Stead, Mr B. Lyons and Mr P. Lloyd of Ebbw Vale: Seven of the twelve Welsh squad were local gentlemen. Wales beat England by 227 points to 174 points.

The Llanhilleth Outdoor Quoit Club.
In April 1929 a meeting of the Llanhilleth Outdoor Quoit Club was held at the Institute Llanhilleth. The following officers were elected – Mr D. Jones (Chairman); Mr W. Dare (Treasurer) and Mr A. Donald (Secretary): The Committee were as follows – Mr J. Hodder; Mr W. Price; Mr P. Prosser; Mr F. Parker and Mr J. Blackmore:

The Abertillery and District Table Quoits League.
In the late 1920’s the Webb’s Table Quoit League was renamed the Abertillery and District League. Some of the teams and their members from 1927 are as follows –

The Llanhilleth Hillside Club.
Mr G. Connett; Mr J. Dayton; Mr L. Jones; Mr W. Eason; Mr E. Attwell; Mr John Dally; Mr H. Davies; Mr G. Jones; Mr J. Davies; Mr W. Roderick; Mr George Roberts; Mr W. Smith; Mr A. Dally; Mr W. Kimber; Mr W. Wheeler; Mr I. Padfield and Mr A. Friedle:

The Llanhilleth Hotel.
Mr W. Eason; Mr C. Bevan; Mr W. Gullick; Mr A. Connett; Mr J. Dally; Mr J. Jayne; Mr T. Dally; Mr W. Connett; Mr T. Thayer; Mr T. Harwood; Mr J. Burnett and Mr W. Lewis: It seems as though the players from the Hillside Club, Llanhilleth had moved to the Llanhilleth Hotel in 1928.

The Colliers Arms, Abertillery.
Mr O. Rogers; Mr R. Luffman; Mr V. Beecham; Mr W. Pike; Mr T. Smith; Mr L. Edwards; Mr T. Gardner; Mr G. Pritchard and Mr G. Huntley:

The Central Hotel, Llanhilleth.
Mr A. Green; Mr W. Pritchard; Mr E. Thomas; Mr R. Giles; Mr J. Lewis; Mr M. Lewis; Mr E. Morgan; Mr C. Bevan; Mr E. Bevan; Mr G. Green; Mr G. Pitts; Mr T. Smith and Mr W. Lewis:

St Illtyds, Aberbeeg.
Mr A. Friedle; Mr H. Taylor; Mr M. Lewis; Mr J. Lewis; Mr G. Dowall; Mr G. Simmonds; Mr C. Lloyd; Mr G. Huntley; Mr G. Cook; Mr A. Edwards; Mr I. Twissell; Mr G. Edmunds; Mr K. Davies; Mr W. Lewis and Mr W. Davies:

The Coach & Horses, Six Bells.
Mr L. Smith; Mr G. Assender; Mr J. Morris; Mr W. Silcox; Mr C. Weaver; Mr L. Dobbins; Mr W. Potter; Mr W. Britton; Mr J. Jones; Mr J. Pegler and Mr G. Taylor:

The Llanhilleth Workmen’s Club.
Mr I. Newman; Mr J. Connett; Mr H. Bennett; Mr Tom Harwood; Mr P. Jeremiah; Mr E. Phillips; Mr E. Morgan; Mr I. Phillips; Mr J. Jayne; Mr W. Gullick and Mr J. Newman:

The South Wales Hotel, Cwmtillery.
Mr D. Rees; Mr F. Bennett; Mr O. Rogers; Mr R. Purnell; Mr T. R. Jones; Mr D. Bennett; Mr B. Meredith; Mr G. Huntley; Mr D. Hindon; Mr M. Meredith; Mr I. James and Mr F. Meredith:

The Walpole Hotel, Llanhilleth.
Mr G. Simmonds; Mr D. Edwards; Mr G. Twissell; Mr J. Thomas; Mr J. Young; Mr J. Simmonds; Mr E. Gobb; Mr H. Rudge; Mr J. Kimber; Mr J. Smart; Mr G. Summers; Mr T. Bray; Mr T. Whitney; Mr J. Hodge; Mr T. Smith; Mr J. Roberts; Mr J. Hopkins; Mr G. Smith; Mr A. Twissell; Mr J. Southhall; Mr C. Morgan; Mr I. Newman; Mr E. Morgan; Mr W. Davies; Mr W. Simmonds; Mr J. Jenkins; Mr J. Edmunds; Mr F. Smith and Mr J. H. Overfield:

The Cwm Hotel, Abertillery.
Mr T. Williams; Mr W. Coles; Mr L. Smith; Mr W. Palmer; Mr T. Meredith; Mr G. Assender; Mr J. Harris; Mr J. Robinson; Mr L. Davies; Mr W. Sheppard; Mr G. Pitts; Mr W. Pincott; Mr A. J. Coleman; Mr J. Williams; Mr I. Weybourne; Mr C. Dore; Mr W. Edmunds; Mr W. Williams; Mr T. Lewis; Mr J. Swansbury; Mr D. Williams; Mr G. Edmunds; Mr E. Penny and Mr D. Jones:

The Ivorites Arms, Aberbeeg.
Mr C. Cook; Mr W. Cooper; Mr G. Twissell; Mr E. Michael; Mr T. Whitney; Mr T. Pullin; Mr T. Morris; Mr J. Parfitt and Mr H. Smart:

The Cwmtillery Club.
Mr C. Meredith; Mr L. Griffiths; Mr W. Morgan; Mr T. Sheen; Mr H. Selby; Mr N. Howard; Mr R. Sheen and Mr G. Coles:

The Mount Pleasant, Blaenau Gwent.
Mr C. Meredith; Mr G. Harris; Mr T. Morgan; Mr J. Winter; Mr W. Randall; Mr J. Cook; Mr S. Morgan; Mr P. Sterry; Mr S. Watts; Mr S. Watts; Mr W. Morgan; Mr T. Simmonds; Mr W. Hopkins and Mr G. Cook:

The Commercial Hotel, Abertillery.
Mr T. Williams; Mr C. James; Mr P. Williams; Mr J. Braithwaite; Mr E. Jones; Mr H. Jones; Mr P. Woods; Mr D. Sheehan; Mr C. Jones; Mr P. Tovey; Mr G. Fisher; Mr W. Fisher; Mr W. King; Mr W. Beecham; Mr J. Woods; Mr C. Walker; Mr J. Bladway and Mr H. Tovey:

The Globe Hotel, Abertillery.
Mr J. Harvey; Mr M. Welsh; Mr L. Randall; Mr M. Meredith; Mr H. Cook; Mr J. Jones; Mr S. Hatton; Mr W. Wiltshire; Mr J. Brickle; Mr G. Harris; Mr M. Love; Mr E. Parfitt; Mr S. Parfitt; Mr D. Evans; Mr G. Whitney; Mr C. Lloyd; Mr C. Harris and Mr J. Turner:

The Globe Inn, Ebbw Vale.
Mr B. Davies; Mr O. Webber; Mr B. Ford; Mr A. Williams; Mr G. Cass; Mr D. Hopkins; Mr J. Davies and Mr G. Brown:

The Prince of Wales, Abertillery.
Mr C. Williams; Mr B. Maggs; Mr L. Dobbins; Mr G. Smith; Mr E. Penny; Mr W. Goulding; Mr L. James; Mr G. Smith; Mr H. Whitney; Mr J. Angel; Mr G. Emmett; Mr J. Parfitt; Mr C. Walker and Mr W. Golden:

The Hanbury Hotel, Aberbeeg.
Mr G. Cook; Mr M. Lewis; Mr J. Lewis; Mr S. Parfitt; Mr H. Kibby; Mr W. Pritchard; Mr H. Green; Mr J. Green; Mr A. Green; Mr E. Thomas; Mr D. Parfitt and Mr R. Giles:

The Royal Oak.
Mr E. Morgan; Mr J. Gardner; Mr F. Norbury; Mr H. Brown; Mr C. Cook; Mr G. Roberts; Mr W. Roberts; Mr W. Morgan and Mr W. Williams:

N.B. The team members names were taken from the South Wales Gazette score cards printed in the paper from between 1927 and 1929, some of the gentlemen’s initials were misprinted and also a few of their surnames were mis-spelt. Great care has been taken in getting the names correct though there may still be some errors. There are some names repeated in different teams, the list was taken from the papers from between those years mentioned and during that time some players changed teams.

The Nantyglo Quoits Club.
In the early 1930’s the outdoor Nantyglo Quoits Club team were as follows – Mr T. Carter; Mr B. Davies; Mr G. Brown; Mr T. Legge; Mr H. Cook; Mr W. Gibbs; Mr B. Phillips; Mr P. Hunt; Mr T. Jones and Mr E. Price:

The Pilgrim Quoit Cup at Blaina.
In the summer of 1930 not long after the Pilgrim’s Park had been officially opened a quoit pitch had been laid out within the park and a competition was arranged, the competition was for the Pilgrim Quoit Cup. The teams who contested the cup were Waenmarsley, Nantyglo A and Nantyglo B.

The Llanhilleth Grounds.
In October 1930 the council heard many complaints from the Llanhilleth Quoits Club respecting the exposed quoit pitches. The council were to erect corrugated sheeting all around the ground to prevent free viewing by the locals.

The Quoit Presentations of 1930.
On Saturday 4th of October 1930, the Llanhilleth Quoits presentations and awards of cups and medals took place at the Walpole Hotel, Llanhilleth. Mr Tom Edwards presided and awarded Mr Frank “Barney” Griffith the Welsh Cup along with a cash prize for runner-up in the Monmouthshire Quoits League, Mr Ben Lyons of Ebbw Vale won the latter trophy. The winner of the Bacon Cup was Mr Jack Stocks of Oakdale. The winners of the league were Oakdale, the following players were presented with league medals – Mr J. Price; Mr J. Stocks; Mr J. Jones; Mr T. Morgan; Mr A. Jenkins; Mr C. Jenkins; Mr T. Harris; Mr J. Davies and Mr G. Bessant: Mr William Price, secretary of the Llanhilleth Club was selected to represent Monmouthshire upon the Welsh Board. In 1929 Mr Ben Lyons was Welsh Champion.

The Henry Lewis “All Dappers” Cup.
In January 1931 the Llanhilleth and Aberbeeg District indoor quoits teams contested the Henry Lewis “All Dappers” Cup. In the final played at the Llanhilleth Hotel the Walpole beat the Crumlin Workmen’s Club.

Mr Frank Griffith versus Mr Ben Lyons.
On Saturday 26th of September 1931, the Welsh Champions, Messrs Frank Griffith of Llanhilleth and Ben Lyons of Ebbw Vale played each other on a pitch at Waunllwyd with a wager of £50. The referees were Mr T. Edwards and Mr Bert Baker of Victoria, chairman and secretary of the Welsh Quoits Board and the contest was watched by 600 spectators. Mr Frank Griffith beat Mr Lyons 61 points to 56 points. Mr Griffiths took the prize of £50 and also took the £9. 4s. 0d. gate money. The £50 prize money in 1931 is equivalent to £3,208.76p in today’s money and the £9 gate money collected by the winner is equivalent to £577 in today’s money. The men arranged for a rematch at a later date.

The Messrs Griffith and Lyons Rematch.
On Saturday 10th of October 1931, Messrs Griffith and Lyons had a rematch for a £50 wager at the Cwm quoit enclosure in the presence of 700 spectators. At this contest Mr B. Lyons was the winner taking the prize of £50 and £8. 15s. 3d. gate money. It was reported that the many spectators included players from Brecon, Hereford, Glamorgan and Monmouth.

The Western Valley Quoits League.
In November 1931 the Western Valley Quoits League began, ten teams entered as follows – Aberbeeg Conservatives, Llanhilleth Conservatives, Walpole, Llanhilleth Central Progressives Club, Navigation, Viaduct, Crumlin Workmen’s Club, Beaufort Arms, Newbridge and Abercarn Conservatives. Mr John Thayer of Llanhilleth (Chairman); Mr W. Lewis of Aberbeeg (Treasurer) and Mr Ted Hickey of Llanhilleth (Secretary):

In mid 1930’s the clubs that were affiliated to the outdoor Monmouthshire Quoit League Association were as follows – Newtown, Waunllwyd, Cwm, Llanhilleth, Nantyglo, Oakdale, Blackwood, Tirphill, Tredegar, Pentwyn (Aberbeeg) and Ebbw Vale.

The Nantyglo Quoit Club.
In the late 1930’s the Nantyglo Quoit Club team members were as follows – Mr C. Gibbs; Mr T. Legge; Mr P. Hunt; Mr T. Carter; Mr G. Gibbs; Mr T. Jones; Mr W. Gibbs and Mr J. Evans:

The Ebbw Vale Quoit Club.
In the late 1930’s the Ebbw Vale Quoit Club team members were as follows – Mr B. Lyons; Mr A. Lloyd; Mr J. Steadman; Mr J. Stuiter: Mr D. Moran and Mr A. Weaver:

The Victoria Quoit Club.
In the late 1930’s the Victoria Quoit Club team members were as follows – Mr Llew Baker; Mr R. Palmer; Mr Theo Edwards; Mr H. Hendy; Mr J. Blanning; Mr W. Young; Mr C. Jackson and Mr C. Jones:

The Monmouthshire Junior Quoits Championships.
In 1936 the Monmouthshire Junior Quoits Championships were organised. Some of the players involved in the junior contests included – Mel Penny; F. Chivers; A. Parker; F. Parker; Jack Davies (Llanhilleth): H. Cook and T. J. Jones (Nantyglo): It was reported that F. Parker had won the championship in 1936 and 1937.

The Llanhilleth Quoits Champions.
In September 1937 the Llanhilleth Quoits Club became champions of the Monmouthshire Quoits League for the first time in the history of the club. The team had played twelve matches and won them all, total points for was 2,329 with 1,874 against. The Llanhilleth Quoit Club team members were as follows – Mr M. Penny; Mr A. Penny; Mr F. Parker; Mr W. Harris; Mr A. Penn; Mr F. Chivers; Mr I. Kimber; Mr J. Davies; Mr W. Parry; Mr W. J. Edwards and Mr A. Parker:

The Later Years.
After the second world war most indoor quoits teams disbanded and the leagues ceased as darts and skittles came to the forefront of indoor sports. The few outdoor quoits teams still played the game and were still being organised by the individual leagues although the game of quoits in the valley slowly died out.

(More later information to come).

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