The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery

The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery

The Ivorites Inn – Castle Street Abertillery.
The history of the Ivorites Inn, Castle Street, Abertillery is a little unclear. I am not sure when the Ivorites Inn, Abertillery was established (more research is needed) though it was mentioned in a report from 1869, the landlord at that time was Mr John Griffiths, it stated the Ivorites Arms, Abertillery. I can’t verify that this is the same inn, though on early maps there is a building on Castle Street, (part of it known then as Railway Parade) in the exact spot on where the houses numbered 49-50 now sits.

Street Name Changes.
Prior to 1881 Castle Street was where Hill Street is today, in later reports after the street name changes, Railway Parade officially became known as Castle Street and houses were erected along the southern end of the road, taking in the building that was was thought to be the Ivorites Inn in early reports.

Mrs Mary Griffiths.
On the 1881 census Mrs Mary Griffiths was the landlady, born in 1815, Mrs Griffiths was from Kington in Hereford. The inn was owned by the Webb Brothers, Brewers of Aberbeeg. Mrs Griffiths may have been the wife of Mr John Griffiths the original landlord mentioned in reports as far back as 1869?

The Sale of the Ivorites Arms 1882.
In March 1882 the Ivorites Inn was sold at auction (as seen left) it was described as a beerhouse, having a cottage attached and being on Castle Road, Abertillery.

Much later it was reported to have been situated in 2 attached houses numbered 49 and 50 Castle Street, Abertillery (its position can be seen circled in Black on a later map featured above). The houses on the street must have been renumbered. This public house was mistaken (until now) with the Ivorites Arms at Aberbeeg.

In November 1888 an urinal was constructed at the premises.

Mr Edward Plummer.
In March 1889 Mr Edward Plummer and his wife Hannah were the licensees and they had a cellar built at the premises in the December of that year.

Mr W. L. Morgan.
In May 1898 a list of subscribers donating to the Abertillery Relief Fund was published (as seen right) the list showed that Mr W. L. Morgan was the landlord of the Ivorites Inn, Castle Street, Abertillery. Also featured on the same list is the landlord Mr H. James at the Ivorites Arms at Aberbeeg.

The Closure Proposal.
The Webb Brothers, who were the owners of many pubs and inns in the area also owned the nearby Forge Hammer Inn on King Street and the Golden Lion on Castle Street, Abertillery.

In the late 1890’s Webb’s Brewers wanted to have a new hotel built on the northern end of the proposed new Alexandra Road, Abertillery called the Cwm Hotel named after the Cwm Estate who owned the land it was to be constructed on. The licensing authorities would only grant the licence for the proposed new hotel on a condition that the Webb’s Brewers would transfer the Forge Hammer licence to the new hotel then close the said inn and also close the Ivorites Inn. This condition was to stop the Webb’s Brewers having a monopoly on the trade in such a small area.

The brewers decided to comply with the condition placed upon the granting of a licence and transferred the The Forge Hammer licence to the new hotel and they planned to close the Ivorites Inn. In 1900 the new hotel (Cwm Hotel) was under construction.

The Licence Transfer.
In December 1902 the licence for the Ivorites Inn, Castle Street Abertillery was surrendered and the licence for the Forge Hammer on King Street was transferred. 


The Sale of the Both Inn’s Fitments.
On Monday 23rd February 1903 the premises, fittings and furniture of both the Ivorites Inn and the Forge Hammer Inn was auctioned off (as seen right) at the newly constructed Cwm Hotel, Abertillery.

Some of the effects to be auctioned from the both inns were 3 horses, horse, dog and tip carts, harnesses, settles, kitchen tables, benches, chairs, dressing tables and wash stands etc.

The Sale of the Ivorites Inn.
On Monday 17th July 1911 the two houses No49 and No50 which was previously known as the Ivorites Inn were put up for auction (as seen on the actual auction notice below) at the Bush Hotel, Abertillery.






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