The Liberal Club Abertillery – List Of Members 1902 to 1925

The Liberal Club Abertillery – List Of Members 1902 to 1925

The Liberal & Labour Club Abertillery – The Central Snooker Club.
Abertillery Liberal & Labour Club. List of the founding members 1902 and thereafter up to 1925. The Central Club and Institute, Foundry Bridge, Abertillery.
March 1902 – March 1925.

Mr G. Selby, 43 Alma Street, Insurance Agent.
Mr J. Boots, 14 Ashfield Road, Insurance Agent.
Mr G. G. Gunter, Oak Street, School Master.
Mr E. C. Grylls, Blythe Street, Reporter.
Mr W. Richardson, Newall Street, Miner.
Mr Gorge Turner, 41 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr M. Emanuel, Tillery Street, Baker & Grocer.
Mr M. J. Hancock, Princess Street, Assurance Agent.
Mr John Tippins, 49 Castle Street, Agent.
Mr L. J. Llewellyn, Church Street, Secretary of Education.
Mr George Quick, 85 Queen Street, Assurance Supervisor.
Mr William Brown, Portland Street, Baker.
Mr T. Morley Willams, Bryn Craig House, Grocer.
Mr Jno Dix ,” Miner.
Mr James S. Stewart, 34 Gladstone Street, Draper.
Mr W. H. Handy, 108 Tillery Street, Clerk.
Mr John Brown, 55 Oak Street, Grocer.
Mr George Gough, ” Miner.
Mr Thomas Miles, Alma Street, Grocer.
Mr Griff Jones, 14 Ashfield Road, School Master.
Mr E. J. Williams, The Bell Inn, Licensed Victualler.
Mr W. Mcneil, Powell Street, Checkweigher.
Mr W. S. Harrison, Crumlin , Clerk.
Mr Robert Moore, Ashfield House, Draper.
Mr Edwin Hanney, 39 Powell Street, Agent.
Mr A. W. Way, 9 Argyle Street, Miner.
Mr Dan Jones, Church Street, Furnisher.
Mr J. Jones, Bellview House, Haulier.
Mr Ed T. Thorne, 39 Powell Street, Wagon Repairer.
Mr R. J. Ayers, Church Street, Painter.
Mr Thomas Staples, 126 Alma Street, Miner.
Mr Percy Frowen, 53 Alma Street, Printer.
Mr Arthur Frowen ,Fairview Brynteg, Colliery Manager.
Mr William Frowen, Queen Street, Miner.
Mr George C. Dancey, Oak Street, Assurance Agent.
Mr Ed Reynolds, 18 Ashfield Road Clerk.
Mr E. Wiggle, 5 Victoria St, Blaenau Gwent, Miner.
Mr Cecil Mason, Commercial Street, Boot Merchant.
Mr Henry Lewis, 18 Oak Street, School Master.
Mr Carter, 28 Gladstone Street, Assurance Agent.
Mr H. J. Hanney, Arcade, Abertillery, Miner.
Mr Herbert Tolland, 59 Tillery Street, Tailor.
Mr Edwin Embrey, Alma Street, Miner.
Mr Thomas Hamilton, 4 Gaen Street, Miner.
Mr D. Lewis Evans, Gladstone Street, Headmaster.
Mr Thomas Nicholas, Clytha Crescent, Bank Manager.
Mr T. J. Thomas, 76 Oak Street, School Master.
Mr F. Athay, Church Street, Stores Manager.
Mr S. N. Jones, Brooklands, Gentleman.
Mr A. E. Bates, Brynteg, Blaenau Gwent, Bookshop.
Mr William Brace, Alma Street, Miners Agent.
Mr Geo. H. Lewis, Station Street, Hairdresser.
Mr John Cromwell, Street, “
Mr Jno Griffiths, Church Street, Confectioner.
Mr William James, Church Street, Clothier.
Mr E. J. Phillips, Church Street, Postmaster.
Mr A. E. Holbrook, Cromwell Street, Contractor.
Mr F. W. Evans, Osborne Stores, Grocer.
Mr A. Phillips, Church Street, Ironmonger.
Mr T. H. Prichard, Medical Hall Chemist.
Mr A. Tilney, Carlyle House Timber Merchant.
Mr J. Harris, Church Street, Grocer.
Mr W. B. Harrison, St Julian’s, Abertillery, Ironmonger.
Mr G. Jones, Church Street, Furnisher.
Mr Owen N. Roberts, County School, School Master.
Mr L. D. Lewis, Cwmtillery, Council Surveyor.
Mr W. J. Phillips, Carlyle Street, Printer.
Mr Jno Snellgrove,Queen Street, Miner.
Mr W. Hobby, Carlyle Street, Painter.
Mr Harvey Boots, Ashfield Road Dentist.
Mr Harry Jones, Castle Street, Miner.
Mr W. Vincent, 26 Rhiw Park Miner.
Mr Stephen Hamilton, 4 Gaen Street, Miner.
Mr W. Prichard, 13 Ashfield Road Miner.
Mr Thomas Adams, 36 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr W. Williams, Powell Street, Miner.
Mr W. Penny, Mount Pleasant Cottages, Miner.
Mr A. W. Smith, Newall Street, Clerk.
Mr A. J. Lewis, 43 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr A. Handy, Brynteg, Blaenau Gwent, Miner.
Mr T. Richards, 50 Vivian Street, Miner.
Mr Jno Cuff, Duffryn, Miner.
Mr Henry Cuff, Alma Street, Miner.
Mr T. L. Davies, Alma Street, School Master.
Mr Richard Tudor, Alma Street, Building Contractor.
Mr B. T. Williams, The Poplars, School Master.
Mr S. Rogers, Somerset Street, Grocer.

Mr W. Hobkirk, Lake Villa’s Cwmtillery, Cashier.
Dr D. C. Muir, Cwmtillery, Doctor.
Mr J. Weasolman, 41 Alma Street, Jeweller.
Mr L. V. Rogers, Somerset Street, Surveyor.
Mr T. G. Roberts, Gladstone Street, Bank Manager.
Mr W. Williams, Castle Street, Miner.
Mr Jno Probert, Portland Street, Miner.
Mr H. Talbot, Osbourne Stores Grocer.
Mr Charles Waite, 13 Cromwell Street, Miner.
Mr E. W. Griffiths, Newall Street, School Teacher.
Mr E. Harris, 94 Tillery Street, School Teacher.
Mr S. C. Seabourne, Buckley’s Hotel, Booter.
Mr J. Selway, Newall Street, Miner.
Mr H. Wintle, 47 Queen Street, Miner.
Mr Chas Carpenter, Merton Villa, Aberbeeg, School Board Clerk.
Mr J. Talbot, Gray Street, Miner.
Mr Ben Lewis, Abertillery, Bank Manager.
Mr M. Parry, Blaina, School Master.
Dr R. Jones, Gladstone Street, Doctor.
Mr A. C. Jones, 63 Princess Street, Assurance Agent.
Mr T. R. Jones, 2 West View Terrace, Engineer.
Mr A. Thyde, 94 Tillery Street, School Teacher.
Mr Ed Bowen,21 Duke Street, Miner.
Mr Dan Evans, 83 Somerset Street, Miner.
Mr Brynley Williams, Cromwell Street, Clerk.
Mr William Lewis, King Street, Clerk.
Mr J. Pugh Watkins, Ty Dan-y-wal, Clerk.
Mr Chas Taylor, Blythe Street, Miner.
Mr W. J. Williams, Powell Street, Wagon Builder.
Mr J. Riddler, 8 Blythe Street, School Master.
Mr T. W. Jones, West View, Six Bells, Fitter.

Mr D. Evans, St Julians, Abertillery, Ironmonger.
Mr Giles Jones, 16 Cromwell Street, Miner.
Mr J. H. Tilney, Carlyle House, Traveller.
Mr Raymond James, Carlyle House, Clerk.
Mr Henry Rose, Queen Street, Jeweller.
Mr W. J. Extance, Cwm Street, Piano Tuner.
Mr David Evans, 128 Alma Street Miner.
Mr Robert Hall, Portland Street, Building Contractor.
Mr Tom Embrey, 18 Division Street, “
Mr C. W. Dawe, Bryn Craig, Alma Street, School Teacher.
Mr A. J. Williams, 15 Evelyn Street, Clerk.
Mr John Kennedy, Abertillery, Agent.
Mr J. C. Roberts, Buckley’s Hotel, School Teacher.
Mr George Gambles, 101 Alma Street, Hairdresser.
Mr H. W. Hill, Brynteg, Blaenau Gwent, Insurance Agent.
Mr Moses Adams, Newall Street, Building Contractor.
Mr W. H. Cook, Blythe Street, Miner.
Mr A. W. Watkins, Alma Street, Miner.
Mr F. Walters, Princess Street, Miner.
Mr William Price, Commercial Street, Miner.

Mr A. T. Selman, Church Street, Carpenter.
Mr A. Flook ,” Shop Assistant.
Mr George Garrett, Brynteg, Blaenau Gwent, Labourer.
Mr Chas Curtin, Princess Street, Lightman.
Mr F. Holbrook, Tillery Street, Sinker.
Mr G. Jenkins, Blaina, School Master.
Mr George Baker, Abertillery, Miner.
Mr V. Humphries, Blythe Street, Miner.
Mr W. Prosser, Abertillery, Miner.
Mr G. Gartside,Alma Street, Lawyer’s Clerk.
Mr Elks, Alma Street, Draper.
Mr Tibberton, Arcade, Abertillery, Dentist.
Mr Richards, Somerset Street, Manager.
Mr A. H. Rolfe, Cwmtillery, Clerk.
Mr Ivor Warfield, Newall Street, Miner.
Mr Edgar Williams, Newall Street, Miner.
Mr A. Harris, Cwm Street, Miner.
Mr Rees Thomas, Blaina, Assurance Agent.
Mr J. Cable, Alma Street, Miner.
Mr Williams, ” Bank Manager.
Mr Richard Price, Jubilee Terrace, Miner.

Mr J. Bufton, ” “
Mr W. Nicholas, Gladstone Street, Gas Collector.
Mr T. Thomas, 36 Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr J. Cuthbert, 23 Alma Street, Photographer.
Mr A. J. Bowen, Crumlin Architect.
Mr Thomas Gaen, Abertillery, Building Contractor.
Mr Sam Parr, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr William Moore, 13 Oak Street, Miner.
Mr Charles Lloyd, Cwm Street, Hairdresser.
Mr David Edwards, 12 Argyle Street, Shop Keeper.
Mr W. W. Humphries, Ashley Road, Abertillery? “
Mr S. Badham, Bon Marche, Shop Assistant.
Mr Reg Leech, Six Bells, “
Mr Blunt, Queen Street, School Master.
Mr George Ruffell, Tillery Street, Hairdresser.
Mr C. Mason, Commercial Street, “
Mr A. E. Holbrook, Cromwell Street Contractor.
Rev H. S. Rees, The Vicarage, Abertillery Clergyman.
Mr Sup Lewis? Alma Street, “

Mr Morris, Roseberry Street, School Teacher.
Mr C. G. Hugen, Bon Marche, Shop Assistant.
Mr M. R. Jones, Portland Street, School Teacher.
Mr T. M. Evans, Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr J. Griffiths, Oak Street, Clerk.
Mr J. H. Jones,Blaina Road, Auctioneer.
Mr Rupert Prosser, Cwm Street, Clerk.
Mr R. P. Rogers, Cwm Street, School Teacher.
Mr M. Price, Blaenau Gwent, Accountant.
Mr A. Wiltshire, Somerset Street, Miner.
Mr W. Mathias, Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr E. G. Llewellyn, Church Street, Draper.
Mr D. E. Jones, Roseberry Street, Solicitor.
Mr Richard Lewis, Cwm Street, School Teacher.
Mr Charles Bull, Near the Laundry, Miner.
Mr Harry Campion, Alma Street, Dentist.
Mr A. Gravel, Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr David Dunn, Central Schools, School Teacher.
Mr Tom Evans, Church Street, Jeweller.
Mr C. Reynolds, Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr F. Dalrymple, Six Bells, Music Teacher.
Mr R. Spalding, Alma Street, Gymnastic Instructor.

Mr R. W. Bartlett, Newport, Accountant.
Mr Dolman, Oak Street, Solicitor.
Mr John Webber, Oak Street, Clerk.
Mr William Lewis, Aberbeeg, School Teacher.
Mr Dan Williams, Cromwell Street, Miner.
Mr Percy Stainer, Station Hill, Miner.
Mr J. T. Williams, Cwmtillery, School Teacher.
Mr Walter Talbot, York Street, Miner.
Mr Godfrey Davies, Castle Street, Coal Merchant.
Mr John Jones, Cromwell Street, School Teacher.
Rev H. Quick, ” Minister.
Mr G. West, Alma Street, Miner.
Mr George Nash, Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr H. Wiltshire, ” Bank Clerk.
Mr T. Staples, Alma Street, Miner.
Mr S Williams, ” “
Mr T. L. Thomas, Blythe Street, School Teacher.
Mr J. M. Davies, Snowdon Cafe School Teacher.
Mr John James, Carlyle Street, Barber.
Mr J. W. Harris, ” Insurance Agent.
Mr C. Morris, Church School, School Teacher.
Mr E. Phillips, Six Bells, School Teacher.
Mr A. Hughes, Blaentillery, School Teacher.
Mr G. Alexander, ” Miner.
Mr J. Houlston, ” Iron Worker.
Mr J. Levitas, Somerset Street, Traveller.
Mr E. Stokes, Cwmtillery, Miner.
Mr William Mason, Commercial Street, Shoemaker.
Mr J. Mason, ” Miner.
Mr R. Rogers, Church Street, Hairdresser.
Mr W. Clark, Cwmtillery, Miner.
Mr A. Dando, Cwmtillery, Miner.

Mr F. Drake, Richmond Road, School Teacher.
Mr L. J. Langford, Blaina Road, Gas Manager.
Mr Thomas Crook, ” Insurance Agent.
Mr Thomas Morgan, Cwmtillery, Miner.
Mr T. Shore, ” “
Mr W. Powell, Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr A. C. Johnco? Pontlottyn Store, Shop Assistant.
Mr H. King, Evelyn Street, Insurance Agent.
Mr J. Griffiths, ” Clerk.
Mr W. Lewis, Gladstone Street, Clerk.
Mr A. W. Smith, Newall Street, Surveyor.
Mr E. R. Henderson, Gladstone Street, Surveyor.
Mr A. Moxley, Church Street, Outfitter.
Dr Weaver, Pantypwddyn, Medical Officer.
Mr E. J. Davies, Snowdon Cafe, School Teacher.
Mr J. Williams, Somerset Street, “
Mr W. J. Harrison, Crumlin, Clerk.
Mr L. Clark, Cwmtillery, “
Mr B Francis, Pontlottyn Store, Draper.

Mr W. H. Hiley, Oak Street, Auctioneer.
Mr R. S. Thomas, Church Street, Shop Manager.
Mr W. R. Smith, Gladstone Street, Architect.
Mr J. James, Church Street, Grocer.
Mr R. J. Ganderton, Pantypwddyn, Insurance Supervisor.
Mr L. Hymen, Cwmtillery, Carpenter.
Mr C. H. Evans, Oak Street, Clerk.
Mr T. Browning, Oak Street, Miner.
Mr Dan Jones, Portland Street, Furnisher.
Mr Tom Smith, Cwm Street, Miner.
Mr Tom Williams, Alexandra Road, Miner.
Mr J. Challenger, Llanhilleth, Miner.
Mr H. Pike, Cwm Street, Miner.
Dr McKenzie, Oak Street, Doctor.
Mr Arthur Harrison, Crumlin, Ironmonger.

Mr Ben Morgan, Oak Street, Hairdresser.
Mr H. Bennett, Abertillery, “
Mr Idris Morgan, Gladstone Street, Clerk.
Mr L. A. Wallen, Blaina, Solicitor.
Mr J. Bowen, The Fir’s, Aberbeeg, Brewer.
Mr A. H. Reeve, Somerset Street, Butcher.
Mr Martin Lewis, Cwmtillery Road, School Teacher.
Mr C. S. Reed, Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr D. W. Morgan, Oak Street, Hairdresser.
Mr Stuart Prosser, Oak Street, Miner.
Mr Alf Edwards, Church Street, Outfitter.
Mr J. Metcalf, Council Offices, Clerk.
Mr W. H. Williams, Pontlottyn Stores, Shop Assistant.
Mr E. O. Samuel, County School, School Teacher.
Mr D. J. Griffiths, Gladstone Street, School Teacher.
Mr J. W. McManus, Central School, School Teacher.
Mr T. Bishop, ” Engine Driver.
Mr F. Pineger, Church Street, Painter.
Mr J. Jenkin Williams, Cwmtillery, Manager.
Mr S. C. Holman, Somerset Street, Tobacconist.
Mr E. W. Jones, Council Offices, Accountant.
Mr H. Carter, Church Street, Butcher.
Mr G. H. Causer, Church Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr Ed Cook, Brynteg, Blaenau Gwent, Haulier.
Mr C. E. Price, Church Street, Chemist.
Mr W. C. Evans, Duffryn House, Surveyor.
Mr J. E. Griffiths, Oak Street, Bank Manager.
Mr J. G. Griffiths, Church Street, Grocer.
Mr W. Walden, Evelyn Street, Miner.

Mr G. Handy, Church Street, Newsagents.
Mr J. Handy, Church Street, Newsagents.
Mr J. C. Lineker, London City & Midland Bank, Bank Manager.
Mr B. H. John, Llanhilleth, Bank Clerk.
Mr F. Brown, James Street, Miner.
Mr Horace Coles, Bush Hotel, Bank Clerk.
Mr R. P. Evans, The Grange, Architect.
Mr E. J. O’Connor, Council Offices, Clerk.
Mr W. Jones, Blaenau Gwent, Miner.
Mr G. Facey, The Foundry, Clerk.
Mr H. G. Williams, Lloyd’s Bank, Bank Clerk.
Mr T. Evans, Duffryn House, Colliery Manager.
Mr G. R. Smith, Cwm Street, Builder.
Mr H. Preece, Pontlottyn Stores Shop Assistant.
Mr D. Williams, ” “
Mr R. W. Pentalow, Church Street “
Mr A. S. Ash, Oak Street, Saddler.
Mr L. I. Williams, Cromwell Street, Miner.
Mr A. Leech, Gladstone Street, County Clerk.
Mr J. Watkins, ” Miner.
Mr W. E. Evans, ” Clerk.
Mr E. Rees, Post Office, Clerk.
Mr D. James, Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr T. Watkins, Glyn Mawr, “
Mr D. Lawford, Granville Street, School Teacher.
Mr W. Waters,  Gladstone Street, School Master.
Mr S. Parr, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr J. Protheroe, Church Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr J. Dando, Tillery Street, Pawn Broker’s Assistant.
Mr F. Berrows, Blaenau Gwent Rows Miner.
Mr H. Collins, Six Bells, Engine Driver.
Mr F. Patey, Mount Pleasant Inn, Publican.
Mr Ivor Thomas, Church Street, Jeweller’s Assistant.
Mr Alf J. Legge, 30 Evelyn Street, Miner.
Mr F. S. Williams, Ashfield Road, Baker.
Mr John James, 28 Grosvenor Road, Miner.
Mr W. Walters, 36 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr Griffiths, Newbridge, Bank Clerk.
Mr S. Jacobs, 76 Oak Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr Harry Harris, Oak Street, School Teacher.
Mr John Morris, Queen Street, Miner.
Mr A. Davies, Alexandra Road, Barber.
Mr H. Jones, 20 Tillery Street, Baker.
Mr Mel Carpenter, Alma Street, Carpenter.
Mr William Jelly, 72 Gladstone Street, Miner.
Mr William Brown, Church Street, Confectioner.
Mr F. R. Holbrook, 125 Tillery Street, Miner.

Mr A. Pollard, Richmond Road, Confectioner.
Mr Jno Davies, Nantyglo, Grocers Assistant.
Mr Jno Jones, Bridge Street, Six Bells, Confectioner.
Mr J. L. Price, Church Street, Chemist.
Mr C. A. Harper, 82 Gladstone Street, Agent.
Mr R. Griffiths, 25 Gladstone Street, Clerk.
Mr R. Boswell, 14 Castle Street, Clerk.
Mr T. Wright, No3 The Poplars, School Teacher.
Mr R. Holbrook, 125 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr M. J. Langton, Church Street, Dentist.
Mr R. J. Edwards, 105 Gladstone Street, Clerk.
Mr Thomas Capel, 37 Alma Street, Superintendent.
Mr Edgar C. Legge, 15 Somerset Street, Builder.
Mr A. Silverthorne, 6 Marlborough Road, Miner.
Mr H. P. Lewis, The Terrace, Aberbeeg, Traveller.
Mr James Brown, Alma Street, Confectioner.
Mr Griff Abraham, 51 Gladstone Street, School Teacher.
Mr F. E. Farr, Argus Office, Abertillery, Journalist.
Dr R. Davies, 32 Church Street, Optician.
Mr L. J. Owen, 39 Castle Street, Fireman.
Mr D. C. Price, 63 Tillery Street, Storekeeper.
Mr A. Selway, Newall Street, Miner.
Mr E. Jeffries, The Foundry Bridge, Baker.
Mr F. R. Hill, 101 Tillery Street, Reporter.
Mr Ed Pratt, 67 Cwm Street, Miner.
Mr Arthur Jenkins, 37 Gladstone Street, “
Mr T. Goldsworthy, Verwood House, Traveller.
Mr A. E. Temlett, 33 Powell Street, Butcher.
Mr A. S. Harding, Brighton Villa, Abertillery, Student.
Mr W. H. Lowry, 9 Cross Street, Miner.
Mr R. T. Cassal, Tillery Street, Physician.
Mr William Davies, 32 Church Street, Outfitter.
Mr Henry Hoskins, Malvern House, Abertillery, Blacksmith.
Mr James Head, Railway Terrace, Blaina, Builder.
Mr Raymond Curtis, County School, School Teacher.
Mr John J. Jamieson, 19 Somerset Street, Football Clerk.
Mr H. L. Simons, Bristol House, Abertillery, Furnisher.
Mr C. Gooder, No3 Glandwr? Miner.
Mr G. Bennett, Oakleigh, Oak Street, Physician.
Mr Ed S. Nicholas, Bryn Ifor, Fitter.
Mr Gordon Bennett, Oakleigh, Oak Street, Solicitor’s Clerk.
Mr R. J. Horsham, Watkins Temp Hotel, Printer.
Mr H. Pickles, 12 Gaen Street, Draper.
Mr F. G. Price, 157 Gladstone Street, Grocer.
Mr John Uttley, 3 Glynmawr Street, Relieving Officer.

Mr Gilbert Ilford, Cwm Cottages, Miner.
Mr Granville Hobby, Toronto House, Six Bells, Painter.
Mr G. A. Carter, 59 Gladstone Street, Insurance Supervisor.
Mr H. J. Tudor, 45 Alma Street, Bank Clerk.
Mr Fred Meyrick, Llanhilleth, Grocer’s Assistant.
Mr F. Williams, The Lighthouse, Abertillery, Clerk.
Mr John Parsons, 14 Park Place, Miner.
Mr H. Parry Edwards, Council Offices, Accountant.
Mr Osbourne Jones, National & Provincial Bank, Bank Clerk.
Mr A. W. Bray, 129 Gladstone Street, Clothier.
Mr Henry Hepple, Brynawel, Roseberry St, “
Mr Bert Mealing, 111 Cwm Street, Hairdresser.
Mr William Williams, 75 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr E. E. Rees, 29 Gwern Berthi Rd, Labourer.
Mr W. J. Morgan, Caerdydd, Cwmtillery, Labourer.
Mr Gilbert Yeats, 137 Cwm Street, Journalist.
Mr Arthur Gait, 17 Clarence Road, Clerk.
Mr W. James Allen, 43 Alma Street, Carpenter.
Mr Llew G. King, 11 Argyle Street, Baker.
Mr Frank Evans, 37 Church Street, Tobacconist.
Mr Albert G. Lewis, 17 Portland Street, Clerk.
Mr William Higgins, 22 Brookside Row, Miner.
Mr Sidney Coe, 137 Cwm Street, Reporter.
Mr Harry Cohen, 8 Tillery Street, Pawnbroker.
Mr J. C. Carpenter, 31 Alma Street, Student.
Mr Ieuan Phillips, 6 Bridge Street, Six Bells, Clerk.
Mr O. Jenkins, 29 Oak Street, School Master.
Mr David T. Morgan, 11 Portland Street, Outfitter.
Mr Jack Stone, 51 Somerset Street, Optician.
Mr R. Stone, 51 Somerset Street, Traveller.
Mr C. Bartlett, Maesgynew Shop? Grocer’s Assistant.
Mr D. Joseph, 18 Market Street, Insurance Agent.

Mr R. C. Carter, 61 Princess Street, Banking.
Mr E. J. Bancroft, Liverpool Stores, Grocer.
Mr G. S. Smith, 53 Alma Street, Assist Washery Manager.
Mr E. Penny, 52 Graig Street, Miner.
Mr Trevor W. Jones, Melbourne House, Surveyor.
Mr W. J. Powell, Stanley House, Abertillery, Engineman.
Mr T. J. Ralph, Station Hill, Abertillery, Car Driver.
Mr Evan Davies, Oakleigh, Richmond Road, Miner.
Mr D. H. Collier, 182 Alma Street, Timekeeper.
Mr F. Thorne, 15 Market Street, “
Mr Chas Fehrs, Eastmans Limited, Butcher.
Mr E. H. Wilson, Clarence House, B. Gwent, Ironmonger.
Mr W. R. Mason, Holmswood, Llewennon Rd, Builder.
Mr J. T. Thompson, 113 Oak Street, Bank Clerk.
Mr H. G. Thomas, Church Street, Confectioner.
Mr John Bayliss, 14 Mitre Street, Miner.
Mr W. H. Brickell, 23 Park Place, “
Mr W. L. Williams, Penybryn, Gladstone St, Pru Supervisor.
Mr John H. Davies, 18 Cwm Road, Butcher.
Mr Silas Robins, 128 Alexandra Road, Miner.
Mr Osbourne Baker, Portland Street, Hairdresser.
Mr G. Parsons, 22 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr R. T. Evans, Brodawel, Bank Clerk.
Mr E. J. Lewis, South Wales Gazette Office, Reporter.
Mr J. G. Summerhill, St Anne’s, Blaenau Gwent, Manager.
Mr Arthur John, Kings Bury, Portland Street, Salesman.
Mr E. D. Wootten, 3 Clytha Crescent, Gas Manager.
Rev C. B. Wildblood, 87 Gladstone Street, Wesleyan Minister.
Mr G. W. Gait, Carisbrook, Gelli Crug, Clerk.
Mr W. Silverthorne, Stoker Croft, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr C. W. Selway, 33 Newall Street, Outfitter.
Mr Alfred Gibbs, Arael Flat, Miner.
Mr Cliff Purnell, 8 Granville Street, Miner.
Mr M. Silverthorne, 31 Newall Street, Miner.
Mr Stanley Hatton, 15 Cromwell Street, Engineer.
Mr A. G. Cleaves, 9 Gelly Crug Road, Engineer.
Mr A. J. Blake, Gwynlyn, Glynmawr St, Clerk.
Mr David Meredith, 77 Harcourt Street, Miner.

Mr W. H. Davies, 23 Grosvenor Road, Miner.
Mr E. G. Williams, 9 Blythe Street, Manager.
Mr Burt Gardner, Lindon House, Abertillery, Engine Driver.
Mr Abraham Rose, 6 Church Street, Gents Outfitter.
Mr W. Shroll, 32 Duke Street, Miner.
Mr Francis Ridout, 4 Victoria Rd, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr Davis Lewis, 3 Glantoroom Terrace? Miner.
Mr A. E. Harding, 39 Gray Street, Miner.
Mr William Down, 22 High Street, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr Thomas E. Davies, 40 King Street, Fireman/Tinman?
Mr J. Llewdyn Jones, 9 Argyle Street, School Teacher.
Mr Tom Jones, c/o 61 Gladstone Street, School Teacher.
Mr William Jones, 2 Hafod Van Terrace, Miner.
Mr Douglas Jones, 33 Upper Arrail Street, Miner.
Mr Sam Hale, Park Terrace, Aberbeeg, Miner.
Mr William Gait, Carisbrook, Gelli Crug, Bank Clerk.
Mr Reg J. Wright, 23 Newall Street, Clerk.
Mr A. J. Williams, Campbell House, Clerk.
Mr Edwin A. Gadd, 16 Cromwell Street, Engineer.
Mr F. Dean, 35 Castle Street, Miner.
Mr Arthur Emanuel, 11 Portland Street, Fitter.
Mr J. S. H. Davies, 25 Newall Street, School Teacher.
Mr John S. Parsons, Princess Street, Miner.
Mr Bertie Bishop, 34 Marlborough Road, Lampman.
Mr T. Grey, Meadow Dairy, Blaina Co, Dairyman.
Mr W. J. Coombe, 1 Roselyn Houses, Lampman.
Mr R. H. Hanney, Belton House, Cwmtillery, Mechanical Engineer.
Mr J. L. Leech, Bryn Ifor, G.W.R Agent.
Mr Sidney Poole, 34 Evelyn Street, Miner.
Mr W. Hillman, 22 Cromwell Street, Miner.
Mr Phillip Kinson, 2 Duffryn Road, Miner.
Mr S. Scammell, 125 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr Alfred Conley, 19 Newall Street, Engine Driver.
Mr Percy Singer, 8 Darren Road, Miner.
Mr L. Read, 15 Gladstone Street, Miner.
Mr E. J. Phillips, 41 Newall Street, Miner.
Mr Tom Porter, 7 Gladstone Street, Printer.
Mr Geo Parfitt, 83 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr B. Wilson, 1 Cyril Place, Journalist.
Mr John G. Cordey, 27 Evelyn Street, Miner.

Mr Ron Prosser, Rushfield, Gelli Crug, Colliery Clerk.
Mr Chas Price, 63 Tillery Street, Clerk.
Mr Albert Singer, 13 Earl Street, Miner.
Mr Geo Bendall, 9 River Row, Blaina, Miner.
Mr Edgar Bateman, 26 Pantypwdyn, Engine Driver.
Mr Edgar Whiteman, 55 Powell Street, Miner.
Mr Thomas Mead, Darren Road, Shop Keeper.
Mr W. Poke, Arrael View, Miner.
Mr Wilf Edwards, Myrtle House, Duke St, Miner.
Mr William Powell, 13 Castle Street, Miner.
Mr W. J. Lane, 10 Division Street, Miner.
Mr W. H. Davies, 4 Parsons Row, Miner.
Mr S. Lock, The Wain, Blaenau Gwent, School Teacher.
Mr Dan Bird, 20 Glynmawr Street, Striker.
Mr Thomas Parfitt, 108 Richmond Road, Miner.
Mr Abraham Lewis, 45 Powell Street, Miner.
Mr W. J. Fox, 17 Blythe Street, School Teacher.
Mr George Goode, 56 Duke Street, Miner.
Mr John Selway, 33 Newall Street, Miner.
Mr W. Samuel Hazell, 72 Somerset Street, Surgeon Dentist.
Mr James Corbett, 26 Powell Street, Engine Driver.
Mr Ronald Horler, 77 Somerset Street, Miner.
Mr D. Beynon, 16 Alexandra Road, Engineman.
Mr L. J. Allen, Enfield, Oak Street, Carpenter.
Mr John Hillman, 4a Vivian Street, Miner.
Mr Edgar Llewellyn, 55 Blaenau Gwent Rows Miner.
Mr Stephen Thomas, 38 Alexandra Road, Bank Clerk.
Mr Gwynne Walters, 36 Victoria Street, Miner.
Mr George Hughes, 27 Alexandra Road, Clerk.
Mr Ivor Rees, Coed Cae Duu, Miner.
Mr Harold Selway, 33 Newall Street, Colliery Clerk.
Mr Richard Thorne, 5 Gaen Street, Miner.
Mr F. F. Webb, 167 Gladstone Street, Traffic.
Mr Dan Edwards, 6 Park View, Abertillery, School Teacher.
Mr Ray Williams, Clytha Crescent, Surveyor.
Mr Cyril Lloyd, Ty Dan-y-Wal, Cwmtillery, Fitter.
Mr Jesse Jones, 17 Mitre Street, Miner.
Mr Bert Giles, 3 Granville Street, Miner.
Mr Arthur V. Frowen, 8 Ashfield Road, Soldier.
Mr Reg Thomas, 18 Clarence Road, Miner.
Mr T. J. Powell, 94 Alexandra Road, Clerk.
Mr Gwilym L. Evans, 56 Worcester St, Brynmawr, School Teacher.
Mr Robert Saunders, 24 Coronation Road, Miner.
Mr Fred Sheen, 27 Granville Street, Miner.
Mr William Hodges, 33 Victoria St, B/Gwent, Miner.

Mr Augustus Legge, 43 Oak Street, Miner.
Mr Percy Ancliffe? 25 Park Place, Abertillery, Stoker.
Mr Percy Cleaves, Ebenezer Chapel, Miner.
Mr Ivor Llewellyn, Bleanau Gwent Rows, Miner.
Mr George Goode, 25 Glynmawr Street, Miner.
Mr Don Nicholas, 32 Somerset Street, Clothier.
Mr Richard Sheen, 121 Gladstone Street, Miner.
Mr D. J. Treharne, 49 Newall Street, Surveyor.
Mr W. H. Jones, Oak Street, Miner.
Mr W. Sheen, 19 Blaenau Gwents Rows Miner.
Mr C. Rogers, 22 Ashfield Road, Miner.
Mr W. G. Pedlar, 85 Oak Street, Braisman?
Mr Arthur Williams, 55 Queen Street, Miner.
Mr T. J. Williams, 9 Argyle Street, School Teacher.
Mr Len Williams, 2 Rhiw Park Road, Miner.
Mr H. Tovey, 1 Ty-Bryn Road, Miner.
Mr A. Bond, 19 Evelyn Street, School Teacher.
Mr Caleb Williams, 8 Crown Houses, Miner.
Mr W. J. Lewis, 99 Glandwr Street, Miner.
Mr John Jones, 45 Powell Street, Builder.
Mr Meyer Rose, 6 Church Street, Shop Manger.
Mr F. G. Lawrence, 44 Queen Street, House Decorator.
Mr D. W. Bundred, Bertram House, Ministry.
Mr J. Parfitt, 4 Park Place, Abertillery, Grocer.
Mr W. H. Morris, 26 Newall Street, Miner.
Mr Arthur C. Haudy, 29 Grosvenor Road, Teacher.
Mr Arthur J. Evans, Roseheyworth, Fitter.
Mr Harold Lewis, Post Office, Oak Street, Engine Driver.
Mr W. J. Day, 34 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr H. J. Evans, Castle Inn, Inn Keeper.
Mr G. W. Brewer, 40 Glynmawr Street, Miner.
Mr Thomas Rogers, Rose Bank, 47 Glynmawr St, Miner.
Mr D. T. Jarman, 61 Gladstone Street, School Master.
Mr A. J. Evans, 10 Granville Street, Miner.
Mr Leslie Powell, 44 Bishop Street, Milk Vendor.
Mr H. J. Hanney, Belton House, Farrier.

Mr E. R. Davies, 117 Tillery Street, School Teacher.
Mr W. T. Rogers, 1 Roch Street, School Teacher.
Mr Griffiths Davies, 73 Gladstone Street, School Teacher.
Mr A. E. Sutton, 12 Evelyn Street, Miner.
Mr W. J. Hoskins, 41 Queen Street, Miner.
Mr G. Rowland, 9 Earl Street, Journalist.
Mr W. J. Williams, 4 Gelli Crug Road, Miner.
Mr R. Price, 8 Diamond Jubilee Terrace, Miner.
Mr T. J. Stewart, New Bridgend Inn, Licensed Victualler.
Mr Llewellyn Edwards, Esk House, Somerset St, Milk Vendor.
Mr W. E. Thomas, Alexandra Road, School Teacher.
Mr H. Summerhill, 49 Alma Street, Clerk.
Mr Frank E. Price, 15 Newall Street, Clerk.
Mr F. J. J. Thomas, Barclays Bank, Bank Cashier.
Mr Charles Higgins, Snowdon Cafe, Moulder.
Mr V. Banks, 17 Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr Gilbert Lusty, 49 Alma Street, Salesman.
Mr Charles E. Jones, 44 Evelyn Street, Bank Cashier.
Mr H. Scammells, 2 Green Meadow Cottages, Timberman.
Mr George Robbins, Wilburton House, Miner.
Mr Stanley Fox, 17 Blythe Street, Engine Driver.
Mr E. Saunders, Windsor Road, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr A. W. Massey, Wesley Manse, Minister.
Mr Fred Denning, 2 Bryn Terrace, Six Bells, Colliery Clerk.
Mr John J. Thomas, 61 Gladstone Street, School Teacher.
Mr G. P. Williams, Gwentland House, Mining Engineer.
Mr Ivor Roome? 11 Granville Street, Miner.
Mr G. H. Jones, 100 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr Worthy Preece, Somerset Street, Clerk.
Mr Trevor Cordey, 27 Evelyn Street, Miner.

Mr George Hanney, Belmont House, Cwmtillery, Student.
Mr S. G. Brewer, 1 Gray Street, Miner.
Mr T. H. Evans, Roseheyworth Colliery Overman.
Mr H. Jones, Commercial Street, Butcher.
Mr E. Oldroyd, 91 Queen Street, School Master.
Mr A. H. Davies, 22 Duke Street, Miner.
Mr C. Cleaves, 31 Top Pantypwdyn, Miner.
Mr Fred Williams, Cons Club, Aberbeeg, Club Steward.
Mr Herbert Willams, 34 Alexandra Road, Tin Plate Worker.
Mr L. Roberts, 65 Glandwr Street, Tin Worker.
Mr Reuben Giles, 10 Under Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr L. Oulton, 38 Evelyn Street, School Master.
Mr L. C. Lewis, 76 Richmond Road, Colliery Official.
Mr Arthur Hill, St Elmo, Aberbeeg, Student.
Mt Tom Pritchard, 33 Upper Pantypwdyn, Colliery Examiner.
Mr J. Mahoney, 7 Morgan Street, Miner.
Mr John Herring? 51 Alma Street, Miner.
Mr A. V. Coles, 26 Gladstone Street, Miner.
Mr H. V. Coates, King Street, Abertillery, Dental Surgeon.
Mr G. J. Jones, 30 Neuadd Street, Miner.
Mr Stanley Lewis, 41 Queen Street, Miner.
Mr J. H. Adams, 6 Adam Street, Miner.
Mr A. G. Harvey, 11 Coronation Street, Colliery Worker.
Mr Roy Phillips, Church House, Student.
Mr T. Humphries, Market Street, Confectioner.
Mr G. Spencer, Bodmin House, Cwmtillery, Miner.
Mr Glyn Davies, No6 The Poplars, School Teacher.
Mr G. Pollock, 108 Christchurch Road, Confectioner.
Mr W. H. Baker, 172 Richmond Road, Colliery Worker.
Mr W. Scammells, 125 Tillery Street, Colliery Worker.
Mr W. D. Jones, 22 Gladstone Street, School Master.
Mr W. A. Legge, 42 Powell Street, Miner.
Mr John T. Penn, 78 Princess Street, Engine Driver.
Mr W. Gardener, 83 Glandwr Street, Cokery Worker.
Mr C. W. R. Salter, 15 Duke Street, Fitter.
Mr L. P. Michael, 123 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr W. Morgan, 15 Gelli Crug Road, Engine Driver.
Mr Edwin West, 86 Richmond Road, Miner.
Mr Rueben Cook, 10 Richmond Road, Colliery Worker.
Mr J. J. Cordey, 27 Evelyn Street, Miner.
Mr Caleb Dix, 2 Vivian Street, Miner.
Mr Fred Richards, 40 Gray Street, Miner.

Mr Bertie Price, 8 Diamond Jubilee Terrace, Miner.
Mr Sam Rigby, 4 Vine Cottages, Examiner.
Mr Stanley Jones, 58 Blaenau Gwent, Miner.
Mr D. A. Jones, 58 Blaenau Gwent, Miner.
Mr W. C. Johnson, 2 Pretoria Road, Miner.
Mr W. A. Roberts, 16 Blenheim Road, Miner.
Mr A. W. Cordey, 27 Evelyn Street, Miner.
Mr Albert Rogers, 1 Co-operative Terrace, Miner.
Mr T. F. Holman, Sunnyside, Oak Street, Bank Clerk.
Mr Sam Hutchings, 11 Mitre Street, Miner.
Mr F. T. Giles, 175 Gladstone Street, Fireman.
Mr Reginald Dix, 13 Argyle Street, Miner.
Mr Victor Coombes, 10 Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr Alfred Rich, 112 Tillery Street, Miner.
Mr W. A. Williams, 45 Victoria Street, Draper.
Mr G. S. Bush, 31 Blaenau Gwent Rows, Lampman.
Mr H. G. Williams, Royal Exchange, Engine Driver.
Mr Cyril Short, 21 Newall Street, Miner.
Mr E. W. Phillips, 10 Rhiw Park, Miner.
Mr Louis Joseph, 164 Richmond Road, Engine Driver.
Mr Ernest Hill, 28 Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr William Harris, Fair View, Six Bells, Insurance Agent.
Mr J. H. Jones, 26 Glynmawr Street, School Teacher.
Mr S. M. Buckley, The Grange, Gladstone St, Theatre Employer.
Mr Fred Parston, 2 Cwmnanty, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr James Morgan, 17 Queen Street, Engine Driver.
Mr George Jones, 38 Adam Street, Colliery Clerk.
Mr W. Richardson, 63 Newall Street, Colliery Worker.
Mr Bert Roskin, Brynsdon?, Aberbeeg, Shop Manager.
Mr Willie Coles, 180 Alma Street, Colliery Worker.
Mr W. Ford, 24 Cromwell Street, Outfitter.
Mr Enoch W. Cole, 175 Alma Street, Miner.
Mr Charles Young, 7 Powell Street, Miner.
Mr Evan Phillips, Bon Marche, Drapery Buyer.
Mr J. H. Jones, Cwm View Road, Jewellers Assistant.
Mr C. Ford, 24 Cromwell Street, Outfitters Assistant.
Mr Lewis Lewis, 4 Duffryn Road, Miner.
Mr Cyril Leigh, Cefn Bryn, Six Bells, Colliery Timekeeper.

Mr T. G. Davies, 77 Queen Street Draper.
Mr Reg Hanney, Belton House, Cwmtillery, Shoeing Smith.
Mr G. Winston, Bryntielo? Ty-Bryn, Lampman.
Mr T. Moremon, 4 Argyle Street, Miner.
Mr W. Humphries, 38 Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr Charles Harris, 43 Alexandra Road, Confectioner.
Mr J. Hughes, 15 Glynmawr Street, School Teacher.
Mr Will Godwin, 129 Gladstone Street, Miner.
Mr Lewis Lewis, 78 Richmond Road, School Teacher.
Mr F. Collier, 11 James Street, Miner.
Mr Cliff Bryant, 54 Duke Street, Miner.
Mr E. M. Rowland, 59 Duke Street, School Teacher.
Mr D. S. Watkins, Lindon House, Penybont, Miner.
Mr A. R. Thomas, 40 Gray Street, Miner.
Mr Victor Harris, 9 Blenheim Road, Miner.
Mr Richard Short, 33 Duke Street, Insurance Supervisor.
Mr Richard Oldland, 15 Victoria Road, Six Bells, Miner.
Mr Harry West, 11 Tillery Road, Miner.
Mr R. H. Seeley, 37 Castle Street, Student Teacher.
Mr W. Clements, Jnr 5 Duke Street, Fruitier.
Mr L. J. Vaughan, 1 Llewynon Road, Haulier.
Mr W. Richardson, 55 Newall Street, School Teacher.
Mr S. Gadd, 16 Cromwell Street, Soldier.
Mr Reg A. Hunt, 23 Bridge Street, Six Bells, Hairdresser.
Mr Tarrant Samuel, 21 King Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr Fred Hill, 13 Bishop Street, Miner.
Mr Ben Godwin, 52 Gladstone Street, Hairdresser.
Mr William H. Jones, Cwm Cottage Road, Miner.
Mr Ivor Ash, Golden Grove, Oak Street, Saddler.
Mr F. J. Buckley, The Grange, Gladstone St, Theatre Manager.
Mr Doug Powis, 39 Carlyle Street, Miner.
Mr W. Newall, 4 Oak Street, Miner.

Mr A. T. Price, 15 Newall Street, Surveyor.
Mr Edmund Price, 76 Richmond Road, Colliery Overman.
Mr Bert Bullock, 32 Bridge Street, Miner.
Mr W. D. Mills, 46 Evelyn Street, Builder.
Mr Daniel Rees, 28 Newall Street, General Dealer.
Mr Reg Jones, Pantypwdyn Road, Clerk.
Mr E. G. Flook, 8 Bridge Street, Six Bells, Boot Retailer.
Mr Reg J. Hoskins, 43 Bryngwyn Road, Miner.
Mr Idris Gatfield, 7 Coronation Road, Fitter.
Mr T. C. Gwilliam, Fir Tree Cottage, Engine Driver.
Mr Fred Coombes, 45 Duke Street, Milk Vendor.
Mr T. C. Morse, 12 Bryngwyn Road, Miner.
Mr Harry Rees, 28 Newall Street, Grocers Assistant.
Mr Idris Davies, 53 Newall Street, Bank Clerk.
Mr L. G. Brown, Graig View, Cwm Road, Bank Clerk.
Mr H. Frowen, Somerset Hotel, Auctioneer Clerk.
Mr Cyril Eke, 15 Grosvenor Road, Clerk.
Mr W. Hodges, 61 Newall Street, School Teacher.
Mr Thomas Ward Jnr, 120 Tillery Street, Rope Smith.
Mr R. E. Wells, Alexandra Road, Miner.
Mr John Stone, 41 Gwern Berthi Road, Labourer.
Mr Tom Crossley, 37 Church Street, Outfitter.
Mr E. Josephs, 164 Richmond Road, Watchmaker.
Mr Thomas Fox, 7 Roseberry Street, Clerk.
Mr W. A. Williams, Royal Exchange, Mining Surveyor.
Mr D. R. Williams, 1 Glandwr Street, Grocers Assistant.
Mr C. T. Williams, 34 Duke Street, Miner.
Mr Phillip Carter, Bush Hotel, Hotel Keeper.
Mr M. Harry, Blaenau Gwent, Baker.
Mr A. Davies, 2 Crown Street, Fruitier.
Mr Hayden James, 97 Cwm Street, Steward.
Mr H. Preece Hillsbro? House, Motor Driver.
Mr W. L. Davies, 37 Church Street, Outfitter.

Mr J. R. Taylor, 60 Queen Street, School Teacher.
Mr Allan Phillips, 1 Church Street, Law Student.
Mr Cliff Carter, Bush Hotel, Works Chemist.
Mr F. G. Evans, Woodlands, Oak Street, Dental Student .
Mr L. Williams, 8 Richmond Road Miner.
Mr Geo Morgan, 48 Alexandra Road, Fish Fryer.
Mr Charles A. Kent, 39 Oak Street, Colliery Worker.
Mr James Tranter, 17 Brynmorgan Terrace, Engineer.
Mr Salvatore Grassi, Express Cafe, “
Mr T. J. Evans, 33 Rhiw Park, Colliery Worker.
Mr F. R. Howard, 2 Tillery Street, Baker.
Mr G. J. Howard, 2 Tillery Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr A. G. Preece, Pantypwdyn Road, School Teacher.
Mr W. A. Beddows, 121 Gladstone Street, School Teacher.
Mr E. Perrott, 32 Alexandra Road, Miner.
Mr Tom Davies, 10 Earl Street, Butcher.
Mr W. P. Bedford, 40 Gladstone Street, Shop.
Mr Harold Gay, 16 Lancaster Street, Butcher.
Mr V. G. Greenough, 9 Hill Street, Penybont, Miner.
Mr W. Hoskins, Abertillery, Striker.
Mr Asher Harris, The Arcade, Abertillery. Wallpaper Dealer.
Mr Walter Waters, 139 Gladstone Street, Fitter.
Mr T. Mc’Collough, 12 Glynmawr Street, Draughtsman.
Mr Horace Bevan, Church Street, Butcher.
Mr E. D. Purnell, 17 Powell Street, Painter.
Mr Walter Rees, 17 Princess Street, Miner.
Mr Jack V. Thomas, 22 Richmond Road, School Teacher.
Mr H. J. Halford, 143 Alma Street, Miner.
Mr Ray Mills, 46 Evelyn Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr J. Wilson Baynes, 1 Park View, Engine Driver.

Mr Haydn King, 133 Somerset Street, Haulier.
Mr A. Rhydderch, 10 Victoria St, Blaina, Butcher.
Mr J. H. Chappell, 29 Duke Street, Engine Driver.
Mr Donald Dando, 98 Oak Street, Miner.
Mr T. Padfield, 22 Gray Street, Chauffeur.
Mr J. Phillips, 41 Newall Street, Relieving Officer.
Mr Henry A. Cook, 16 Richmond Road, Miner.
Mr W. H. Sparkes, 1 Victoria Tce, Llanhilleth, School Teacher.
Mr John Luton? No1 Popular Row, Miner.
Mr James Doyle, 22 Evelyn Street, Shop Assistant.
Mr R. W. Doyle, 22 Evelyn Street, Clerk.
Mr J. Mc’Clelland, 119 Tillery Street, Electrician.
Mr W. H. Mason, 2 Roche Street, Student.
Mr G. Rathbone, 39 Gwern Berthi Road, Engineer.
Mr T. T. Silus, 43 Granville Street, Civil Servant.
Mr E. G. Badman, Cyril Place, Fitter.
Mr W. F. Badman, Gwentland House, Coal Merchant.

Wherever there is a question mark placed within the list, it means the original text is unreadable.

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