The Mitre Inn – Abertillery

The Mitre Inn – Abertillery

The Mitre Inn – Abertillery.
Mr Llewellyn Elias.
The Mitre Inn, Abertillery first appeared in newspaper reports during 1867, it was advertised as being number 15 Mitre Street and seemed to be for sale along with a few cottages. The advertisement stated Mr Llewellyn Elias was tenant at the Mitre Inn and the property for sale was said to have realised £135 per annum in rent. In later censuses Mr Elias was living with his wife Mary Elias at Bywaters Row, Abertillery.

Mr Thomas Fisher.
In May 1870 Mr Thomas Fisher was the landlord of the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. Reports at the time stated the rental realised £28. 12s. 0d. per annum. The address of the Mitre Inn at this time was number 14 Mitre Street.

Mr Phillip Mills.
On the 1871 census Mr Phillip Mills was landlord at the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. Mr Mills was married to Mrs Martha Mills nee They lived at the Mitre Inn with their family – Daughter Miss Jane Mills, born in 1848 and their sons Mr George Mills born in 1851 and Mr Albert Mills born in 1854. Also living at the Inn was Miss Martha Jane Thomas, their granddaughter born in 1863.

Mr J. Lloyd.
In May 1877 Mr J. Lloyd was the landlord at the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. Mr Lloyd was described as a pit carpenter and a landlord.

Mrs Mary Ann Hoskins.
In November 1877 Mrs Mary Ann Hoskins was the landlady at the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. In reports Mrs Hoskin’s huband was deceased and named Mr Joshua Hoskins. I am not too sure if Mr Hoskins had been named landlord before he died. Mrs Hoskins kept the Mitre Inn until she passed away in November 1899.

Mr Richard Jones Hoskins.
In November 1899 Mr Richard Hoskins was the landlord at the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. Mr Richard Hoskins was the son of Mary Ann Hoskins and on the death of his mother he applied for a transfer of the license. Mr Richard Hoskins was born in 1868 at Blaina and was married to Mrs Rachel Hoskins nee? born in 1864 at Crumlin. Their children were as follows – Daughter Miss Margretta Hoskins, born in 1893 at Abertillery and sons Master Joshua Hoskins, born in 1896 at Abertillery and Master Grafton Hoskins, born in 1899 at Abertillery. Also living at the address was Mr John T. Hoskins the landlord’s brother who worked as a butcher.

Mr David Rees.
In February 1906 Mr David Rees was the landlord of the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. The Inn was one of eight public houses in the district that was mentioned in the Licensing Sessions that had no boundary wall or no urinal of its own. Messrs Webb of Aberbeeg stated the Mitre Inn was to be rebuilt.

The Rebuilding of the Mitre Inn.
In April 1906 plans were put forth by Messrs Webb, Brewers, Aberbeeg for the complete rebuilding of the Mitre Inn.

Mr and Mrs Josiah William and Emma Fisher.
In 1907 Mr Josiah William Fisher and his wife Mrs Emma Fisher were landlord and landlady of the Mitre Inn, Abertillery. In 1928 Mrs Emma Fisher sadly passed away, just a year later Mr William Fisher was found dead in bed, it was found that he had committed suicide.

Mr Charles Albert Sheppard.
In 1930 Mr Charles Albert Sheppard was the landlord at the Mitre Inn, Abertillery.

Mr Albert Sterry.
In 1935 Mr Albert Sterry was the landlord at the Mitre Inn, Abertillery.

(More information to come).

The Renovations.
In the early 1980’s the Bar and Lounge area were knocked into one large open space with a centrally located serving bar.

(More information to come).

A List of Landlords and Landladies.
A complete list of  landlords and landladies (1867 – 2010).
Mr Llewellyn Elias (1867 – 1868)
Mr Thomas Fisher (1870)
Mr Philip Mills (1872)
Mr Samuel Fox (1876)
Mr James Lloyd (1877)
Mrs Mary Ann Hoskins (1877 – 1900)
Mr J. W. Fisher (1907)
Mr William J. Fisher (1910 – 1929)
Mr Albert Charles Sheppard (1930 – 1932)
Mr Albert John Sterry (1933 – 1937)
Mr Francis Raymond Evans (1937)
Mr Ernest Hamer (1938)
Mr Llewellyn Brunt (1945)
Mr John R. Brunt (1946 – 1951)
Mr Ithel Carter (1952)
Mr Clifford J. McCarthy (1953)
Mr Francis H. Blackmore (1954 – 1957)
Mr Albert J. Maggs (1958 – 1959)
Mr Cyril T. Williams (1960 – 1970)
Mrs Mary L. Williams (1971 – 1972)
Mr Francis L. Watson (1973 – 1977)
Mr and Mrs Edonio and Eileen Cordaro (1978)
Mrs Eileen Cordaro (1979 – 1982)
Mr Martin Meredith (1982 – 1984)
Mr Victor G. Reynolds (1986 – 1987)
Mr Kenneth J. Harvey (1988)
Mr Colin Berryman (1989 – 1994)
Mr Graham Stevens (1995)
Mrs Carol Price (1997 – 1998)
Mr Brian Heard (1999 – 2000)
Mrs Janet Carver (2000 – 200?)

The complete list of the landlords and landladies was kindly supplied courtesy of Mr Bryan Boots.

The Later Years.
In about 2010 the Mitre Inn, Abertillery closed as a public house. The building was converted into an Indian Restaurant and was renovated internally for such business.

Chillies Indian Cuisine.
In 2010 the old Mitre Inn building was reopened as a restaurant and named Chillies, Indian Cuisine. It operated as Chillies for three years until 2013 when it closed.

The Calcutta Victoria.
In 2013 the Chillies, Indian Cuisine building was taken over, it was reopened and named the Calcutta Victoria. The Calcutta Victoria was only in business for about one year when it ran into difficulties and closed in 2014.

Berry’s Bar.
In 2015 the old Calcutta Victoria restaurant was reopened under new management and renamed Berry’s Bar. It is still in business as Berry’s Bar to this day.

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