Thomas Wilde Powell 1818-1897

Mr Thomas Wilde Powell 1818-1897.
Mr Thomas Wilde Powell (1818-1897) was was the son of James Powell a stockbroker of Charlton, Kent. Mr Thomas Wilde Powell was a solicitor, philanthropist, banker, broker and art collector etc, he lived in Piccards Rough, Guildford Surrey, England.

Miss Mary Elizabeth Marten.
On the 12th of March 1852, Mr Thomas Wilde Powell married Mary Elizabeth Marten (1827-1871) the daughter of Charles and Hannah Marten of Clapton, East London. Mr Charles Marten was a stockbroker. Mrs Mary Elizabeth Powell nee Marten sadly passed away in 1871.

Tillery Reading Rooms.
In 1882 Mr Thomas Wilde Powell took over the Penybont Tillery Colliery from Mr Basil Jayne & Co and formed the Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co. Mr Powell’s first commitment was to give, as a gift, to the workmen, a hall with a library and reading room. Mr Powell arranged to have the Tillery Street Workmen’s Hall and Reading Room built and paid for at his own expense.

On Saturday 12th of January 1884, the Tillery Street Workmen’s Hall and Reading Room was officially opened. The Workmen’s Hall and Reading Room building was on Tillery St, Abertillery, it cost between £700-£800 to erect and was capable of holding 300 people. The hall was in use throughout the 1880’s and 1890’s though as the community grew and more workmen and their families came to the area this building became too small for its purpose and a much larger premises was required.

The New Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co Institute Proposal.
In 1896 Mr Powell of the Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co arranged to have a large institute built, one which would also house a gymnasium and swimming pool.

In 1897 the Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co sold the old Workmen’s Hall and Reading Room on Tillery St. The company sold it to the Abertillery District Council for £800, it was intended to be used as a courthouse and the council arranged for the company to purchase land at the junction of Division Street and Powell Street to build the new institute. The money, the company paid for the land, off the council, was given back to them as a donation towards the new institute building fund. The building of the new institute went ahead and was finished in early 1898 though sadly Mr T. W. Powell died before its completion. The gymnasium and swimming pool projects were deferred until later dates. 

At the time of his death, Mr Thomas Wilde Powell was in the company of the stockbrokers, Heseltine, Powell & Co. Mr T. W. Powell had an estate in Western Australia and after his death it was reported that he had left a personal estate that was valued at £195,508. 5s. 9d. the equivalent to approximately £11,407.763.03 in today’s money.

The New Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co Ltd Division Street, Powell Street.
On the Monday 4th of April 1898, the Powell’s Tillery Institute was officially opened. The opening ceremony was presided over by both Mr Thomas Edmund Powell (Chairman of Powell’s Tillery Steam Coal Co) son of Mr T. W. Powell the late owner and his sister Lady Christiana Herringham nee Powell. Lady Herringham the daughter of the late Mr T. W. Powell was presented with a gold key for the ceremony with which she officially opened the institute. Many of the dignitaries of Abertillery were at the opening of the new institute and afterwards a luncheon was held at the National Schools, Abertillery, which were highly decorated for the function.

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The Powell Family.
Mr Charles Marten Powell.
Mr Charles Marten Powell, son, born 1856, a surgeon.

Mr Thomas Edmund Powell.
Mr Thomas Edmund Powell, son, a stockbroker later became the director of Powell’s Tillery Company from the time of his father death in 1897. Mr Powell opened the Powell’s Tillery Institute along with his sister Christiana Herringham in 1898.

Mr Thomas Edmund Powell, born 1858, the director of the Powell’s Tillery Co, married Miss Kate Millicent Overbury at the Parish Church, Hove, Sussex. Mr Thomas Edmund Powell died in 1901.

Mr Herbert Andrew Powell.
Mr Herbert Andrew Powell, son, born 1864, was a doctor. Mr Herbert A. Powell took over the directorship of the company after the death of his brother Mr Thomas Edmund Powell 1901. Mr H. A. Powell opened the Tillery Institute Gymnasium, Abertillery in 1902, he was presented with a gold key by the architect with which to open the gymnasium.

Mr Herbert Andrew Powell, born 1864, the director of the Powell’s Tillery Co, married Miss Elizabeth Beatrice Courtauld on July 12th 1887, at the Parish Church, Middlesex.

Lady Christiana Herringham.
Lady Christiana Herringham, nee Powell, (1852-1929) daughter of Mr Thomas Wilde Powell.

Christiana Jane Powell, born 1852, married Physician Sir Wilmot Parker Herringham K.C.M.G., C.B. (1855-1936) on September 1st 1880 at the Parish Church, Guildford, Surrey.

Lady Christiana Herringham was a prominent painter. Christiana Herringham opened the Powell’s Tillery Institute, Abertillery, along with her brother Mr Thomas Edmund Powell in 1898, she was presented with a golden key by the architect with which to open the building.

Mrs Mary Elizabeth Turner.
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Turner nee Powell, born 1854, daughter of Thomas Wilde and Mary Elizabeth Powell. Mary Elizabeth Powell married Mr Hugh Thackeray Turner (Architect, China Painter) – Their daughter Ruth Turner married Mr George Leigh-Mallory the famous mountain climber.

Mr Thomas Wilde Powell’s other children were –
Miss Eleanor Grace Powell.

Miss Rosamond Powell.
Born 1862.

Miss Agnes Powell.
Born 1866.

Miss Theodora Powell
Born 1871.

The photograph of Mr Thomas Wilde Powell (Copyright unknown).

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