Electrical Items

Davis of Derby Electric Signalling Bell

Davis of Derby Electric Signalling Bell. A Davis of Derby electric signalling bell, called “The Bluebell” used for shaft and haulage engine signalling. Size 15″ x 6″ inches. Most, if not all of these bells had a small light bulb in a glass housing fixed into the centre of the metal plate at the top of the bell, to visually ... Read More »

Knocking wire

Signalling Knocking Wire. A length of knocking wire, used for haulage or conveyor belt signalling. For the haulage, lengths of this wire was strung out overhead through the haulage roads and connected at intervals to electrical signalling boxes in turn connected to the haulage engine, the Journeymen would pull on this wire to convey messages to the engine driver. Signals ... Read More »

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