The National Church of England School Abertillery

The National Church of England School Abertillery. The National School, Church School was situated on what was to become High Street, Abertillery. Its exact spot is where the Bus-Stops are today opposite S. M. Ash. The School was a part of St Michaels Church. Abertillery in the 1830s-40s was practically non-existent, a few farms and one main small Iron Works ... Read More »

The British Schools – Abertillery Central School

The British Schools – Abertillery Central School. There was a sort of education in Abertillery through the Church and a school had been in existence in connection with the Baptist Chapel in Blaenau Gwent for many years. The British/British and Foreign Schools were different from the National or Church schools in as much as they were subject to examinations periodically ... Read More »

Queen Street School

Queen Street School. On March 21st 1895 Tenders were invited for the erection of Schools at Queen Street, Abertillery to accommodate 625 children. Plans and specifications could be seen at the office of the Boards Architect Mr George Rosser Victoria Buildings Abercarn. Tenders to be sent to Mr I. Aled Jones, Clerk to the Aberystruth School Board, Blaina Mon. At ... Read More »

Gelli Crug – Boys Girls and Infants School

Gelli Crug Boys – Girls and Infants School. On Tuesday 8th April 1902 at a monthly meeting of the Aberystruth School Board consisting of the following members – Mr J. P. D Williams (Chairman); Mr R. H. Williams (Vice Chairman); Mr E. J. Williams; Mr T. Drew; Mr C. H. Carter; Mr J. Davies; Rev T. T. Evans; Dr D. ... Read More »

Bryngwyn School

Bryngwyn School. The Bryngwyn School was proposed to built as a Boys School to take the overflow and ease pressure from the Queen Street Schools. In July 1907 The Abertillery Urban District Council’s Education Committee invited Tenders from builders to erect the Bryngwyn School on a site close to the Steam Laundry, near Six Bells, Abertillery. They also invited Tenders ... Read More »

Arael School Warm Turn Six Bells

Arael School Warm Turn Six Bells. In January 1901,Tenders were invited for the building of the Arael School, situated between Warm Turn and Six Bells, Abertillery. The Tender notice was invited to Builders and Contractors to erect the School, to accommodate 426 children along with a Caretaker’s House, Out-Offices, Boundaries, Playgrounds and Approaches. Tenders to be received by Monday 11th ... Read More »

Blaentillery Infants & Mixed Schools Cwmtillery

Blaentillery Infants & Mixed Schools Cwmtillery. In 1896 the Aberystruth School Board proposed to have a new Infants School erected at Blaentillery, on the Eastern side of the Cwmtillery valley. Tenders were invited from the builders in the area to erect such school. In February 1897 at a meeting of the Aberystruth School Board held at Blaina, several Tenders were ... Read More »

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