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The Christian Endeavour Union of Wales – Badge

The Christian Endeavour Union of Wales – Badge. This pin-back badge was available to members and officers of the Christian Endeavour Union of Wales during April 1933 to commemorate the Welsh National Convention held at Abertillery and the Blaenau Gwent Baptist Church.  Made by the Birmingham Medal Co. Size 1″ inch in diameter.   The Christian Endeavour Society. The first Christian ... Read More »

N.C.B. Tarring Brush

N.C.B. Tarring Brush. This brush used for tarring was made by Briton for the National Coal Board and stamped N.C.B. Made from wood and bristle. The bristles are wound with copper wire to hold them in place.  Size 15″ x 5″ inches and stamped 10 ounces. Read More »

The Bell Inn – Abertillery

The Bell Inn – Abertillery. During the late 1860’s the Bell Inn, Abertillery was constructed, it was situated at Market Street though at that time the area was known as Fords Row? I am not sure if the inn originally extended down through to Somerset Street at this time though it did later with entrances top and bottom and the ... Read More »

The Old Tyleryans Club – Abertillery

The Old Tyleryans Club – Abertillery. In December 1938, at an annual dance held at the Drill Hall, Abertillery, it was suggested by the Old Tyleryans Association that they were looking for a place as a new club, a place that they could have as their own to hold functions. They had in the past been holding meetings and functions ... Read More »

The Lamb Inn – Abertillery

The Lamb Inn – Abertillery. Mr George Gregory. The first mention of the Lamb Inn, Abertillery was its entry in the 1871 census. Mr George Gregory was listed as a coalminer and also innkeeper of the Lamb Inn, Abertillery. Mr George Gregory was the eldest son of Mr Moses Gregory and Mrs Ann Gregory, old inhabitants of Abertillery originally from ... Read More »

The Colliers Arms – Abertillery

The Colliers Arms – Abertillery. Mr Richard Middleton. The first mention of the Colliers Arms, Abertillery was in the 1860’s when Mr Richard Middleton was reported as being the owner and was also a contractor. On the 1861 census Mr Richard Middleton lived at the Colliers Arms, Abertillery with his family – Mr John Middleton, brother, born in 1822 at ... Read More »

The Prince of Wales Inn – Abertillery

The Prince of Wales Inn. Mr John Thomas. The first mention of a Prince of Wales Inn, Abertillery was in 1854, the Monmouthshire Merlin newspaper on Friday 29th December 1854 reported on a Forester’s Festival held the previous Tuesday 26th December 1854. The Forester’s Lodge held a meeting at the Prince of Wales, the house of Mr John Thomas and ... Read More »

A National Coal Board Car Club Badge

A National Coal Board Car Club Badge. This badge is a grill, bonnet or bumper attachment badge for the National Coal Board Car Club.  These badges were issued to the members of the car club to display on their automobiles. The branch of the club was the Monmouthshire Division of the South Western Area. At the centre of the badge ... Read More »

A Blaenau Gwent Baptist Chapel Choral Festival Programme 1928

A Blaenau Gwent Baptist Chapel Choral Festival Programme 1928. This programme is for the Abertillery and District Baptist Choral Festival held at Blaenau Gwent Baptist Chapel on Easter Tuesday 10th April 1928. The programme has 16 pages, with sheet music of the songs and hymns that were performed at the event along with a few advertisements of local businesses. The ... Read More »

North Griffin Colliery – Bailey’s Pit, Blaina

North Griffin Colliery – Bailey’s Pit, Blaina. The Griffin Colliery was locally known as Bailey’s Pit and was along with all the deep mines in the area originally a water balance pit. The colliery was situated just north of Inkerman Row, West Side, Blaina. The colliery is shown on the section of the Messrs J. & C. Bailey brothers sales ... Read More »

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