History of the Gwent Collieries

The New Colliery – Aberbeeg

The New Colliery – Aberbeeg. In 1918 the Messrs J. Lancaster & Co planned to sink a new colliery in the Cwm Valley at Aberbeeg. Arrangements were made with the Great Western Railway to install railway sidings branching off the main line from Aberbeeg to Cwm. In 1919 it was still in the planning procedure but owing to the uncertainty ... Read More »

Nantyglo Iron and Coal Works History

Nantyglo Iron and Coal Works History. I understand a lot of books, other articles and web pages have been written on the exploits of the Bailey Brothers and the alleged tyranny of Mr Crawshay Bailey, though this is just a brief non-judgemental timeline with a few previously unknown, details on Crawshay and Joseph Bailey and their life and times at ... Read More »

Colliery Doctors – Arael Griffin Colliery Six Bells

Colliery Doctors – Arael Griffin Colliery Six Bells. Dr T. Muir. In the 1890’s the Arael Griffin Colliery Doctor was Dr T. Muir, Doctor Muir was the surgeon to the Arael Griffin and the Powell’s Tillery Collieries. He was the brother of the Cwmtillery Doctor Dr D. C. Muir. Dr Abernethy and Dr W. G. Sargent. In 1895 Dr Abernethy, ... Read More »

Colliery Doctors – Mrs Isabella Muir resident from 1886-1915

Colliery Doctors – Cwmtillery & Rose Heyworth Collieries. Dr Edmund Thomas Hale. The earliest medical doctor I can find documented as being resident at Cwmtillery is in 1866 when there was a report of a Mr Edmund Thomas Hale, a surgeon to the Abertillery Collieries. In 1864 the South Wales Colliery Co purchased the collieries from Mr John Russell, so ... Read More »

Llanhilleth Collieries – Proprietors

Llanhilleth Collieries – Proprietors. Mr Reginald James Blewitt Esq Mr Reginald James Blewitt was born in 1799, though sadly not a lot is known about his early life! The Monmouthshire Merlin Newspaper. In 1829 Mr Reginald J. Blewitt went into partnership with Mr Charles Hough and set up the newspaper printing company the “Monmouthshire Merlin”. In 1831 Reginald Blewitt became ... Read More »

Llanhilleth Collieries – A Brief History

Llanhilleth Collieries. Mr Reginald James Blewitt. Located on the eastern side of the valley the Old Pit (as seen circled on the above map of 1880) was originally established in the late 1840’s (as seen in the 1849 article opposite from the Monmouthshire Merlin newspaper) under the ownership of Mr Reginald James Blewitt Esq. Mr R. J. Blewitt was the ... Read More »

Clyn Mawr Cottages Blaenau Gwent Rows 1880

The Clyn Mawr Cottages Blaenau Gwent Rows 1880. An 1880 map of the Clyn Mawr Cottages designed by Mr Lawrence Heyworth of the South Wales Colliery Company.   Points of interest – The map features (top to bottom) Ty-Dan-y-Wal House. The Rising Sun Inn. The Cock n Chick School (built at the same time as the Clyn Mawr Cottages on ... Read More »

Clyn-Mawr Cottages – Blaenau Gwent Rows

Clyn-Mawr Cottages – Blaenau Gwent Rows. In 1873 Capt Lawrence Heyworth, the chairman of the South Wales Colliery Company purchased land from the Nantyglo & Blaina Coal Company. The land was situated close to the Glo-Byllau Farm on Old Blaina Road between Blaina and Abertillery. His intention was to open a colliery which he could have control and a vested ... Read More »

Six Bells Miners Institute – Arrail Street Six Bells

Six Bells Miners Institute. In 1902 the Arrael Griffin Colliery Six Bells, owned by the Lancaster Co, had a miners institute built at a cost of £3,000.  Mr Charles T. Part J.P., St Albans, Hertfordshire, one of the directors of the firm of Messrs John Lancaster & Co having performed the opening ceremony. It was intended that Mr Part would ... Read More »

Mr John Lancaster MP, Coal Master and Iron Works Owner 1815-1884

Mr John Lancaster MP, Coalmaster and Ironworks Owner 1815-1884. Mr John Lancaster was born on the 19th September 1815 at Radcliffe, near Bury in Lancashire. The Patricroft Colliery. In 1841 Mr Lancaster became the manager of the Patricroft Colliery. Miss Euphemia Gibson. In 1841 Mr John Lancaster married Miss Euphemia Gibson of Johnston, Glasgow, Scotland. Mostyn Colliery. In 1847 he ... Read More »

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